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31 March 2007

Inside The Japanese Destroyers

China is accused of fuelling Pacific arms race as submarine orders rise

USN picks San Diego for newest aircraft carrier's homeport

Subs Test Tactics Under Polar Ice Pack

Taskforce South - The Falklands War at the Royal Navy Museum

Book Review

Dhanush naval missile, test fired successfully

Indian Navy officer calls LTTE subs "toy submarines"

Second RN sailor apologizes on Iranian TV

HMS Northumberland escorts slave ship up the Thames

30 March 2007

Sevmash ready to launch nuclear submarine Yury Dolgoruky

Navy decides against homeporting carrier in Hawaii

Higher pay for sailors in subs

Iran says sailor will not be fed if Britain creates a 'fuss'

Vulnerable Royal Navy boats 'like sitting ducks'

Nimitz to Replace Eisenhower in Persian Gulf

29 March 2007

Video: ICEX 2007

U.S., Royal Navy Subs Test Tactics Under Polar Ice Pack

NATO Besieges Russia in the Arctic

Canada sees new fleet costing over $20B

Stargate goes nuclear (sub)

Indian Navy uses wargames to win allies

US winds up war games on Iran's doorstep

Argentina still wants 'Malvinas'

Tamil Tigers developing a mini-submarine for gun running, drug smuggling and piracy

India steps up patrolling along coast

Indian Navy to hold exercise with international navies

Indian Navy engages US and Russia

How Britons were conned by Iranian gunboat trick

"China sought US sub secrets to conquer Taiwan"

U.S. to end Gulf war games amid Iran tensions

British Navy surrenders, Lord Nelson spins

Navy resists offers of more ships, submarines for 2008

HMS Grafton becomes Chilean Navy’s “Almirante Grafton”

Navy airs dolphin patrol plan

28 March 2007

Where are the carriers?

Construction begins on the first Ford-class aircraft carrier

China to build 93,000-ton atomic-powered aircraft carrier

Russian intelligence sees U.S. military buildup on Iran border

US attack on Iran will begin at 4 AM on April 6

Iran denies reports of large-scale US Navy exercise in Gulf

Canada's coastal defence a toothless 'hoax'

Japan Aegis ship to test-fire U.S. missile interceptor

The capture of the UK crew

US Navy Denies Iran Fired Missile At US Warship

Critics target Navy dolphin defense plan

Are Those Whales Working for the Chinese?

US navy drills in the Gulf come amid Iran tensions

27 March 2007

US Navy starts war games in Gulf

U.S. aircraft carriers start exercises in Gulf

Aussie submariner shortage critical

U.S. Navy Shows Force in Persian Gulf

PM warns Iran over Navy captives

26 March 2007

Mine-clearing submarine

Talisman unveiled

Second rescue attempt announced for submarine rescue vessel

Gambia navy receives Taiwan’s boost

Kazakhstan drafts mid-term Navy strategy

USN ponders life at Mayport after JFK varrier

Drone passes coastwatch trial in Australia

Two US, one French aircraft carrier in Gulf region

Russia's Pacific Fleet holds anti-submarine defense exercises

Search For Long-sunken Sub A Family Mission

India, Japan to hold joint exercises

Russia starts Pacific naval exercise

25 March 2007

Former First Sea Lord comments on Iran's capture of UK sailors

Engineer faces trial for smuggling submarine secrets to China

INS Viraat to be 50 in '09

The troubled history of HMS Tireless

Blair warns Iran on 15 seized sailors

Indian Navy fleet leaves for historic exercise

Calif. coast panel files USN sonar suit

Book recounts ship’s sinking by kamikaze bombers

Bolivian navy's dream comes ashore

operation Siyakhula underway

Spanish ship out to impress Australia

24 March 2007

Carrier John F. Kennedy decommissioned in Florida

Iran using fast boats, mini-subs in 8-day naval exercise

Russians hail British Navy for sub rescue

Iran raises stakes in sailor crisis

23 March 2007

A frigate with formidable firepower

Navy Lacks Plan to Defend Against `Carrier-Destroying' Missile

Tango Bravo: breaking down barriers in submarine design

Carrier USS Kennedy to Be Decommissioned

Iranians seize 15 British sailors

UK sailors captured at gunpoint

22 March 2007

Ceremony marks Ark Royal's return

Iran navy launches Gulf war games

Search for Hunley crewmen leads to Old World

Israel fears Egypt's navy could block its sea lanes

Oxygen device sparked sub blast

21 March 2007

Navy pushes back timetable for LCS

Navy refuses to disclose sonar data

Two sailors killed on submarine

Royal Navy Submarine Incident Kills Two During Ice Exercise

20 March 2007

Video: Future Development Of Anti-Submarine Surveillance

Submarine Force Participates in Ice Exercise 2007

Russia’s Undersea Fleet Second Only to U.S.

Russian Baltic Fleet celebrates Submariners’ Day

India's nuclear submarine may be operational by 2012

India to launch 1st nuclear submarine

19 March 2007

SLN destroyes

second LTTE arms ship

New UK nuke sub rises above labour opposition

ONI offers portrait of Chinese navy

South Africa Navy festival

18 March 2007

10 things you need to know about Trident

Sri Lanka Navy destroys

Tamil Rebel arms ships

Help The Navy Is Firing At Us

Iraqi Navy Sees $220 Mln Expansion By End 2010

Sri Lanka Navy destroys two suspected Tamil Rebel arms ships

Navy to restructure troubled Littoral Combat Ship program

INS Viraat not to anchor before 2012

Submarines: Let's Get Small and Quirky

It's The Software, Stupid

WW2 Navy pilot awaits distinguished awards

Yury Dolgoruky strategic submarine to be launched April 15

16 March 2007

Not a yellow submarine

but it's close

Zylotech buoys to protect Japanese sub

Search for Chile's first submarine continues

Submarine force announces Ice Exercise Participants

The Nigerian Navy: A Jonah at Work

Sinking the Royal Navy

PETA orders USN to stop deadly sonar tests

Photos: USN Parachute Team

Japan navy gets 5th Aegis-equipped destroyer

Judge finds Sudan responsible for terrorist bombing of USS Cole

U.S. Navy Unveils New Training Simulator

Navy to LCS Shipbuilders: Control Costs or Else

South African sub commissioned in Germany

15 March 2007

Scots sent to rescue US Navy nuclear submarine

INS Viraat service life likely to be extended

Billion-Dollar U.S. Sub Disappears

Why do Trident submarines have to be replaced?

Royal Navy has a rear-admiral for every frigate and destroyer

Britain's Parliament votes to renew nuclear defenses

Trident plan wins Commons support

Dutch and Britisch submarines

clear in boat sinking

Arctic adventure shoot on USN submarine at North Pole

USN to announce plans for shore-hugging combat ship

Too early to tell if USN sonar harmed beached whale

14 March 2007

San Juan nuclear submarine in false alarm drama

Navy false alarm over 'missing' nuclear sub

360° view of RN boomer control room

Whale beached days after sonar drill

Pictures of the 'Aman 07' exercise

RAN wants upgrade capacity for destroyers

USS New Orleans idled by strike

China's Navy, According to the US Navy. 144 page document !

Korean navy looks for 6 Aegis destroyers

SL denies deal with Indian navy

13 March 2007

The Aircraft Carrier Killer Satellite

Malaysia to purchase multipurpose warship from S. Korea

Joint Lankan & Indian coastal patrol under consideration

Thales' SMART-S Mk2 radar

ready for operation

SLN transported 1000 more civilians from Jaffna

Video: USS Constellation and Maritime Security During the 1800s

NR-1 finds no signs of ancient underwater human habitation

Barrow holds its breath as Trident decision nears

Australian Navy wants upgrade capacity for destroyers

Chinas Uncertain New SSBN Goes To Sea

Chinese navy performs very well in multinational drill

Cole Lawsuit Trial to Start in Virginia

Navy Says Farewell To Last Sea King

German minister optimistic on submarine dispute

Video: Riverine Squadron 1 Deploys

12 March 2007

Silent Anzac to resurface

Joseph Metcalf III -- Vice Admiral led '83 U.S. invasion of Grenada

USS New Orleans Commisioned in Namesake City

US Navy praised for cutting new sub costs

Mysterious Russian Billionaire Building World’s Most Expensive Yacht

India's new alliances

Musharraf: Pakistan's ties with China deeper than sea

Business as usual for Navy’s oldest carrier

Estonian navy pictures of

EODEX 2007

Scots have their say on the pros and cons of Trident

Homemade submarine comes full circle

New fast ship may

help transform USN

11 March 2007

China outstripping US in building subs 14-to-one

Video: future Royal Navy

super carriers

Israel navy shoots at suspected weapons smugglers

USN commissions ship in New Orleans

HMCS Winnipeg sailing data said given to terrorists

10 March 2007

New Pacific commander vows commitment to Taiwan

HMS Visby on winter manoeuvres

USCG's Storis ends her reign

Slave ship comes to London

USN helps Philippines' sea defense

Hi-tech tracking system sold to UK navy

Sikorsky delivers 100th

MH-60S Seahawk to US Navy

Indian fisherman killed by Lankan navy

Chinese navy on target in joint drills

09 March 2007

Navy rolls out praise for sub Astute

Northrop Grumman prototype

of modular torpedo launcher

$71.9M to complete Virginia post-shakedown work

New Course for USN SATCOM

USN may cut part of combat ship program over high costs

Australian Broome sweeps in

International rescue mission for Ark Royal

Sailors could face longer deployments

China in Arabian Sea military exercise

Sea-phase of Aman-07 exercise begins

Northrop Grumman to test new torpedo launcher

UK seeks £2bn Saudi destroyer contract

Lawmakers urge Navy to boost sub production

Dems aim to double sub building in '10

Shortfall predicted in attack subs for Navy

Navy’s First Riverine Squadron Deploys

Exercise Foal Eagle 2007 in Full Swing

08 March 2007

Photo montage: USS Ohio (SSGN 726)

Terrorism and U.S. Gunboat Diplomacy in Somalia

Navy: Lockheed could lose LCS contract

Video: New Iranian Submarine

Navy Riverine Squadron Heads to Iraq

New Submarine Voyage at Disneyland to set sail this summer!

Northrop Grumman Wins Contract for Submarine Advanced Technology Work

Missing submarine found high and dry

QM2 big challenge

for Australian navy

US military show of strength in Hong Kong

US unnerved by Chinese naval build-up

Former USS Nautilus commanding officer who took sub on historic trip to North Pole passes away

First Virginia-class sub completes post-shakedown availability

07 March 2007

Argentine Navy honours hero Brown in spectacular ceremony

Royal Navy reeling from steep budget cuts

USS Carl Vinson Steps the Mast

Navy to Commission New Orleans in New Orleans

U.S. Navy Developing ... a Vomit Gun

Royal Navy staging mock invasion

US Navy ship with Scottish connections sails off for ever

French Navy Ship to Berth in Lagos

EDO wins contract for

USN Surface Vehicle Systems

06 March 2007

Tito’s Yacht and most of the Montenegro’s Navy for sale

Subs’ construction growth to be studied

Navy loophole made for booze cruise

German navy orders two more subs with fuel-cell technology

Abandoned russian submarine port


Undersea Surveillance Aligned Under Naval Oceanography

Old Reliable Getting Replaced by Robots

Gipsy Moth Meets the Navy!

Australia plans to buy 24 Super Hornet fighter bombers

Russia seeks international sub pact

Iran Builds Wale Class Submarine

The Naval Harbour Master

Russia set to launch satellites from submarine

Anderson, North Pole submarine pioneer, dies at 85

05 March 2007

William R. Anderson; Sailed First Nuclear Sub Beneath North Pole

Hawaii-based aircraft carrier unlikely

Going Down With the Ships

Underwater Adventure Returns to Disneyland Park

Navy, builders push for faster submarine schedule

Russia Navy C-in-C urges submarine navigation agreement

Dutch make world’s first affordable
recreational submarine

04 March 2007

Video: Today's ASW World

Video: The Sonar Room

Video: ASW History

Video: Unmanned ASW Vehicles

Video: ASW Training

Video: ASW P3 MMA

Video: ASW Surface

Video: ASW Future


Capt. William R. Anderson, North Pole pioneer, dies at 85

Torpedo Defenses

03 March 2007

Nelson's last words

Honour on high waters

Israeli navy to patrol Dead Sea

China ballistic missile submarine force growing: US Navy

Blackbeard's Ship to be Excavated

US Navy: Aircraft Carrier For Afghanistan, Not Iran

Big E Underway to Conduct Carrier Qualifications

02 March 2007

Goats used in Navy tests for 'the bends'

Lawmakers push Navy to build two subs a year

Researcher: Finland should acquire submarines

Torpedomen Cancelled

Nuclear alert test marks countdown to sub launch

Return of the Navy Blimps?

Navy sub will seek signs of early man in North America

The world’s first affordable recreational submarine

China builds submarine-based nuclear capability

01 March 2007

Is shipwreck the key to Napoleon's holy war?

Into the belly of the beast

NKorea slams Japanese naval deployment

Navy goes ballistic for Aegis

Navy ‘Volkswagon’ being phased out

Made in Spain: Australia's new navy destroyer

Carrier Kennedy makes last port of call in Boston

Disneyland's Underwater Adventure Returns to Park

Australian Navy unravels mystery of submarine missing for 80 years

Navy ready to support rescue of hijacked ship

Navy retracts statement on LCS costs

Video: NR-1 goes to Texas