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28 February 2007

Protestors Knit Sweaters For Navy Dolphins

Australian submarine mystery solved?

Australia faces growing submarine threat

Doubts over Scotland as Trident base

NR-1 Arrives in Texas For Gulf Exploration

27 February 2007

Venezuela's Chavez, preparing for conflict with US, plans to buy 9 subs

Photos - Nuclear research submarine NR-1: 1, 2, 3, 4

Robot Chopper: The Navy's Smartest UAV

Upgraded Attack Submarine Rejoins the British Fleet

Faulty periscopes on Collins subs cause for concern

Video: Unmanned Surface Vehicles

Video: Naval Undersea Museum

Navy cuts 'threaten national security'

Navy cuts sink Blair flagship

Astute move advances sub's launch

USS Hawaii on its way to Islands — by 2009

New Robot Sub Dives To Crushing Depths

26 February 2007

Indian Navy validates new maritime warfare doctrine

Lack of hands strands Australian subs

Thunderbirds are Go!

UK doubles naval presence in Persian Gulf

U.S. warship heads for vessel hijacked off Somalia

Navy Awards Contracts For Airborne Low Frequency Sonar System

US Navy opens UCAS-D contest

Stand-off with Iran likened to Cold War

Windows for Warships nears frontline service

Navy Details New Super Hornet Capabilities

Tories raise concerns over UK's naval power

Australian Navy hunting for lost sub

How a Japanese Submarine Cruised Through Gilroy, Calif During WWII

25 February 2007

US Navy denies radioactive leak claim

Mystery in the depths

New hose lets Aussie subs dive deeper

Spain warns ships to watch out for whales

The Dutch Defend Their Empire

24 February 2007

Stennis Sends Aircraft Forward in 1st Combat Mission of Deployment

Iran claims U.S. sub leaked radioactive chemicals

American armada prepares to take on Iran

USS Ronald Reagan Arrives in Japan

Cheney Warns Iran Against Pursuing Nuclear Weapons

Has South Africa's navy invested in weak ships?

Navy Chief lauds use of missile boats in '71 Indo-Pak war

23 February 2007

Fallen Japanese submariners honored in Australia

New Zealand struggles to keep navy at sea

Military police storm Greenpeace ship

U.S. Navy scraps anti-sub squadron

History of the carrier John F. Kennedy

Nimrods grounded in safety scare

Author of `Das Boot‘ dies at age 89


"Supercarriers programme will go ahead"

22 February 2007

Canada's submariners face health risk

Submarine Free for the Taking

Britain defends its nuclear arsenal

The Coming Naval War With Venezuela

Venezuela bolsters military against U.S.

"Dangerous as Hell" - Arctic-bound sub lacks ice sonar

Comings and goings of nuclear submarines

21 February 2007

Biologically inspired sensors can augment sonar in submarines

Pakistan to Host World Naval Drills

Joint naval exercise not mobilisation against Iran: Pakistan

Hormuz straits a danger zone

Fifth Fleet chief fears “miscalculation” by Iran

She'll sail again

Author brings life to the 'salvage of the century'

USS JFK Final Voyage

20 February 2007

NKorea 'had plan to attack Japan'

Frigate crew hits fast, hard

USS John C. Stennis Carrier Strike Group Arrives in 5th Fleet

U.S. Navy's Mideast buildup came after Iranian provocations in crucial Gulf, Navy commander says

Iran Launches War Games With Missile Tests

Indian team in Russia to oversee Gorshkov's refit

US 'Iran attack plans' revealed

Second Carrier Group Arrives in Persian Gulf

U.S. ships move to protect Persian Gulf's oil shipments

USS Kennedy to make final visit to Norfolk

China and U.S. to join Pakistan naval exercise

Canadian warships simulate an enemy to US subs

Recruiting on YouTube may help Navy reach out

19 February 2007

First Sea Lord Responds to Reports Over 'Navy Cuts'

US navy base in Bahrain calm, ready for action

US Navy Denies Reports Of Naval Offensive Build-Up

Iranian patrol boats probe Iraqi waters

Venezuela Wants Sub Fleet for Conflict with U.S.

Iran fires missiles in new round of war games

War games deal with maritime threats

Chinese Navy Leaves for Arabian Sea Exercises

Congress: Fixing LCS Problems Is Key to More Ships for USN

18 February 2007

British Robots Rule Under the Waves

Submarines: Survival of the Cheapest

Navy plans to buy two nuclear subs a year by 2012

Indian Navy pitches for more subs

SA navy commissions new frigate

Sake and a salute to submariners

17 February 2007

Venezuela Preparing for 'Asymmetrical' Showdown With U.S.

Canada’s clunker subs should be sold as scrap

U.S. show of strength in gulf

Britain heading for a Navy the size of Belgium's

Widows of Russian Submariners Lose Compensation Suit

Feb. 17, 1864: We're Sunk

16 February 2007

Galveston Declares Navy Week

Navy wants more ships, aircraft than budgeted

Pakistan Navy to get seven P-3C Aircraft

Royal Navy needs extra £1bn

Navy denies Iran defaced U.S. ship

Nuclear Submarine Arrives in Gibraltar

India to Bolster Submarine Fleet

U.S. patrol ship on alert in gulf

Ship delays 'may leave navy short'

15 February 2007

Black Sub Vets: The Untold Silent Service

Intrepid to go on and on and on

Aircraft carrier 'delays' warning

Credibility warning on funds for Royal Navy ships

French Navy to carry out Exercise with Pakistan Navy

Upgrades for Pakistani Navy P-3C Aircraft

14 February 2007

Flashing monster of the sea

U.S. admiral decries talk of war on Iran

Animal Rights Groups Criticize Navy

Navy wants more Growlers

Navy rejects Calif. sonar limits

Iran Revolutionary Guards: Unit engraved emblem on U.S. ship

13 February 2007

Navy Sets Ambitious Shipbuilding Goal

Congress eyes boost in sub production

Norway to bury sunken German WWII submarine

France says aircraft carrier price too high

India important player in maritime world order

Hunley, Housatonic dead to be honored

U.S. Updates 30-Year Shipbuilding Plan

BAE Systems launches new Royal Navy destroyer

Exhibition marks Royal Navy's role in ending slave trade

Navy: Sonar training exercises don't endanger whales

Naval force a floating diplomat in Arabian Sea

South Africa to receive new warship

Construction of Yury Dolgoruky nuclear sub in final stage

Clean sweep for minehunters

12 February 2007

U.S. Navy, Lawmakers Dissect LCS Overruns

Lawmakers Want To Boost Navy Ship Plan

Navy enlists Flipper to fight terrorists

US Navy releases details of Australian unique BAMS UAV requirement

HMS Intrepid to be recycled

Lockheed Martin Skunk Works shakes up major projects

11 February 2007

A thousand-ship navy

USS Gridley joins fleet in Miami ceremony

Boeing to Showcase Maritime Patrol Plane P8I to Indian Navy

Ronald Reagan Strike Group Enters 7th Fleet

Iran: 'Suicide drones' can hit US navy

U.S. ship makes historic return to Cambodia

USS Rickover makes port

MoD 'covered up sinking of French trawler'

09 February 2007

A submarine ride worth the money

Iran test fires land-to-sea missile

Iran missile test no threat to US ships

Joint U.K.-France Aircraft Carrier Steams Ahead

Ehime Maru anniversary ceremony today

India's Navy Chief wants cooperative ties with China

Navy looks into effects of sonar use

Congress may add more ships to Navy’s budget

Lockheed Martin pitches aircraft, helicopters to Indian Navy

08 February 2007

Russia Plans New ICBMs, Nuclear Subs

USS John. F. Kennedy scheduled for decommissioning

1,000-Ship Navy Discussed

Navy continues policy of discounting the importance of submarines

Author puts African American submariners back onto radar screen of history

07 February 2007

JSOW Goes Navy

Future generations 'need Trident'

India, Russia work to better BrahMos

Boeing to showcase maritime patrol plane to Indian Navy

Canadian Navy wants to keep ships working longer

Pursuit of naval capability heads UK, Australia in different directions

Navy to Commission New Guided Missile Destroyer Gridley

Royal Navy's Online Museum Makes Waves

Submarine program besieged by overruns

Tests of Russia's newest ballistic missile to continue

North Korea's Submarine Missile

06 February 2007

Navy puts funds into shipbuilding

US Navy sees big boost in 2008 defense budget request

Iran plans wargame in Persian Gulf, Oman Sea

First NATO mission for Italian sub

Boeing To Test Unmanned Undersea Vehicle For US Navy

Bush budget includes carrier, Raptors

Orphan U.S. Sub Seeks Good Home

Ex-Soviet sub being towed to Thailand sinks

The War Against U.S. Submarines

NKorea Develops Sea-Launched Ballistic Missile

Bush Budget May Limit Sub Production

It's official: US Navy buildup in Gulf underway

Video: Becoming A Blue Angel

05 February 2007

Memories Surface With Sub's Discovery

Australian Navy struggles to fix fault in patrol boats

Executive Warns British Carriers May Be Canceled

India tests BrahMos cruise missile again

Lights … Camera … Anchors Aweigh?

Forget about evading Navy’s new gun

Thoughts on the global 1,000-ship Navy

04 February 2007

BrahMos supersonic cruise missile successfully test fired

India, Russia may export 1,000 BrahMos

French navy practices defence diplomacy

Aircraft carrier Stennis nears Persian Gulf

03 February 2007

DoD report criticizes LCS

Carrier Eisenhower returns to Gulf

Navy 'Rail Gun' Moves Forward

Indian Navy to undertake biggest-ever maneuvers in Arabian Sea

Pentagon Told to Scrap Conventional Trident Missile Concept

India and Russia to develop hypersonic cruise missiles

US Navy sub can be yours for the asking!

01 February 2007

Indian Navy to build new base on east coast

Canadian Forces would pare aircraft, ships to finance new equipment

US Navy treading water

Australia's govt pushes ahead submarine builder sale