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30 November 2006

Russian Submariners SETT for a safer future

Video: 100th Aegis System Delivered

Navy To Analyze Effects Of Sonar On Marine Animals

Scientists: U.S. needs more nukes

Vote on Trident 'in New Year'

29 November 2006

Sub vs sub battle re-told

Video: USS Enterprise Celebrates 45 Years Of Service

HMS Splendid prepares for long-term storage

28 November 2006

Pacific subs take new role in war on terror

Strategic Command Pushing Divisive ‘Conventional Trident’ Plan

Australian gov't declares Japanese midget sub historic shipwreck

Lockheed delivers 100th Aegis system

Royal Navy's carrier plans delayed as MoD and builders argue price

HMCS Ottawa exercises with the Indian Navy

UK navy chief fuels 'quality versus quantity' debate

Royal Navy ship handed a 'seal' of approval

Navy submariner will plead guilty in espionage case

Causes of Bulava missile test failure still unknown

Russia scraps 145 decommissioned nuclear submarines

U.S., Colombia hold ASW exercises

Apache helos for Ark Royal

27 November 2006

New U.S. Navy Destroyer Named for ‘Father of Aegis’

Pakistan Navy’s Seaspark exercise begins

U.S. Navy in Japan to equip two vessels with missile interceptors

Six Frigates: The Epic History of the Founding of the U. S. Navy

U.S. opts for newer, safer nukes

"Russia must remain a major nuclear power"

Russians dive into emergency training

Sunken carrier’s location revealed

Japanese midget sub found at last

Taiwan's Ministry of Defense stresses need for submarines

Submarines focus on terrorism

25 November 2006

Japanese ministry's pamphlets extol safety of nuclear warships

Royal Navy hands over frigate to Chile

24 November 2006

U.S. Navy, Colombian Sub Train Together

‘Pakistan Navy proved it is best in region’

Indian navy chief says the country needs to project power across the world's oceans

23 November 2006

U-boat could solve Kitchener mystery

White paper on new subs due by end of year

Blair 'overriding Cabinet' on renewal of Trident

Parliament to vote on Trident

Midget submarine scoop scuttled

Drug "submarine" was disguised boat

22 November 2006

Anglo-Russian Brothers in Submarine Escape Suits

Confusing signals may have led to sub crash

Australia's destroyer program on track

Funds for the ‘silent Anzac’

Australia tackles naval engineer shortage

Navy's Mine Warfare Ability On Cusp Of Revolution

U-boats' last resting place found

Sailors keen to test missiles in live fire exercises off Canada's coast

Hunley May Reveal Secrets in Year's Time

Chinese sub sinks illusion of U.S. security

China buildup seen aimed at U.S. ships

Photo: Submerged MSDF sub, tanker bump

Submarine Hawaii achieves milestone towards commissioning

Submarine system of nuclear weapons 'most likely'

21 November 2006

Ohio Makes First SSGN Visit to Pearl Harbor

MSDF sub collides with chemical tanker

Slideshow: Homemade submarine seized in Costa Rica

Stennis, Reagan Strike Groups Join Forces, Make Carrier Task Force

Frigate pretends to be the enemy

Giant Roman Shipwreck Yields "Fishy" Treasure

MPs probe Trident 'middle way'

Japanese submarine collides with cargo ship

20 November 2006

The Atlantic Fleet Fades Away

F-18s Wearing Out Ahead of Schedule

Carrier crew's final mission

Photos: China, U.S. stage search-and-rescue drill

Baby wipes, Gold Bond powder key to staying 'fresh' for submariners

RAN joins the '1000 ship navy'

PM rules out Canadian navy ships to help U.S. over N. Korea

Hunley captain surfaces on eBay, sort of

Canada's subs carve out new role

Submarine with cocaine seized off Costa Rica

19 November 2006

New Trident to go ahead

China, U.S. navies hold exercises

18 November 2006

"Big E" Comes Home

Aegis ship sunk on target range

India: Towards growing might at sea

Combating Piracy and Terror in the Pacific

US Navy to Deploy Aegis Destroyer in Japan

Indian navy to induct US-made choppers for the first time

Sri Lanka Navy and LTTE Sea Tigers locked in sea battle

Admiral Downplays China Sub Incident

Canadian navy plan to prove the worth of its second-hand subs

17 November 2006

America easy on China's new navy

Northrop Grumman Team Selected to Evaluate Supercavitation-Based Underwater Naval Transport

U.S., Japanese navies work together to hone anti-submarine tactics

Blair begins push for Trident replacement

Typhoon mastered by Nottingham

Canadian Navy ship to be sunk during target practice

U.S. designing more-effective ship warning

Canada's navy asked to help restrain N. Korea

DARPA study looks into high-speed underwater capability

We all live in a yellow submarine

Double war duty a first for Enterprise Strike Group

Submarines coming home in time for Thanksgiving

16 November 2006

Indian Navy banks on "stealth" edge

Averting a Sino-American Maritime Clash

Admiral disputes report that Kitty Hawk, Chinese sub could have clashed

German shipbuilders reject Greek criticism of high-tech submarine

France searchs N Korean ship

U.S. Pacific Fleet Commander hails "open approach" of Chinese navy

Russia prioritizes strategic forces

Navy to study sonar training effects

U.S. Navy in Persian Gulf reinforced

Russian navy intensifies anti-terror operations

Iraq navy readying for operation

Propelled into action

15 November 2006

Russian Navy marking Day of Caspian Flotilla

India to project three carrier force from 2008

India begins construction of first indigenous aircraft carrier

Intrepid could be stuck in muck for weeks

Admiral says sub risked a shootout

14 November 2006

Seoul balks at U.S. plan to enforce naval ban

China denies submarine incident

B-52s complete mine-laying training

India to have stealth warships by 2008

Iran releases UAV recon footage of U.S. warships

U.S. and Indian navies complete Malabar ‘06

Canada Strips Ships for Afghan War

Swedish missiles on Polish navy vessels

Navy Divers Try To Pry USS Intrepid From Mud

Indian Navy to induct 31 new warships

Indian Navy capable of building nuclear-powered warships

Malaysia to build new submarine base

Falklands Silver Jubilee plans revealed

Defenses against subs to be reviewed

U.S. admiral urges closer China ties after sub scare

13 November 2006

Chinese Submarine on Secret Sex Mission

Japan, US Hold Naval Exercise Amid North Korea Crisis

Akula On Fire

U.S. eyes China's naval power on high-level visit

Chinese Submarine Gets Within Firing Range of US Carrier Undetected

Chinese sub secretly stalks US fleet

12 November 2006

Naval Mines Loom Larger

Send for Victory: modern navy can't cope with piracy

Navy coming to Intrepid's rescue

Doubts about Russia's strategic missiles

India to test submarine-launched nuclear-capable cruise missile

11 November 2006

A Nautical Tribute, Framed in Plastic

On Eternal Patrol - Photos of USS Wahoo Wreck Site

10 November 2006

U.S. naval armada set to sail into Gulf to 'intimidate' Iran

Boxer ESG Enters 5th Fleet Area of Operations

Russian Missile Test Failure Increases Fears of Nuclear 'Hair-Trigger'

Extending a hand in war

'Indian Navy needs safer ships'

Royal Navy Unveils New Amphibious Landing Ship

India aims for a 'Blue Water Navy'

Win a Sony PSP PlayStation on the Royal Navy Website

Sri Lankan Navy thwarts suicide attack on passenger ship

Severnaya Verf launches Stoiky corvette for Russian Navy

U.S. and Canada tussle over Artic jurisdiction

Hunley is 'unstable' but conservators have a plan

St. Petersburg shipyard launches multipurpose submarine

09 November 2006

War with North Korea: 'More brute force,' less precision

Pakistan to acquire three subs to blunt Indian Navy's edge

Mystery wrecks could be German U-boats

Canadian troops to storm North Carolina beach

Navy Commander: Iran, in complete readiness


Taiwan anti-sub aircraft purchase set for legislative approval

France tests new long-range nuclear missile

Get Ready for The Akula Job

French Barracudas On The Way

China's Navy Seeks Transformation

You can take this job and shovel it

08 November 2006

Panel: 'Hanit' attack was preventable

US speeds up North Korea attack plan

Israel Navy Probe Reveals Systemic Flaws

Submarine Burnt in Dock

07 November 2006

Son of Silkworm Enters Service

Australia's Customs Service to use subs to hunt for drugs

U.K. Discussing Building Subs With U.S., France

Canada boosts amphibious power

Carrier Intrepid no match for Hudson River mud

German navy prepares for terror attacks

MPs to grill shipyard boss on UK's sub building capability

Industry warns against Trident delay

Submarine hero's VC might surface again

HMS Sheffield’s loss “an expensive warning”

US-Canada Dispute Over NW Passage Revived

Submarines: China Tries to Keep Quiet

06 November 2006

Navy confirms discovery of sub Wahoo

3 nations plan USS Wahoo sub tribute

Blockade protest against UK replacing nuclear missiles

Navy's shrinking submarine fleet a concern

Divers to explore historic Gallipoli submarine

Marines pack up after war games

05 November 2006

Submariners Pass French test

04 November 2006

HMS Chatham pays a visit

Grim Future for Taiwan's Defenses

Massive Deployment of Naval Power directed against Iran

Canadians to use big honking American ship in war games

Russian builds himself a blue submarine

03 November 2006

'Submarine Capital' Sign Surfaces With New Look

MK 41 Naval Vertical Missile Launch Systems

02 November 2006

Enterprise Strike Group Concludes Ops

Missing WW-II submarine located

SUBASE welcomes Texas

James Fisher unit buys UK submarine rescue