World Naval News Archives

31 August 2006

USPS plans new stamp for USS Texas

30 August 2006

Yokosuka sailors prepare to swap ships

India looks to U.S. for rescuing submariners

China increasing activity in Taiwan waters

The lessons of war: Navy was warned

Submarine will be guest of honor at Texas-sized party

Singapore Holds Maritime Drill to Combat Terrorism, Piracy

Video: Submarine wins Arleigh Burke Trophy

Video: Naval Station Gaum

Navy ups retention bonuses for nuclear-trained officers

U.S. deploys missile-intercept ship in Japan

Japan launches sixth Aegis warship

Navy explores training impacts of sonar limitations

Technology sets submarine apart from others

Iranian Submarine Launched Missiles

Police plan for first lady’s visit to island

29 August 2006

Historian traces U-boat gunner's Valley voyage

Record-Setting San Diego Submarine To Be Decommissioned

28 August 2006

BAE Systems Concept Submarine

USS Texas photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Interview with Chief of the Iranian Navy

Hanging around a naval dockyard

Navy, environmentalists headed for further battles over sonar

New nuclear sub is lifeline for Barrow

Spend your next vacation with the fish

Tight budget forces Navy to put squeeze on sub

Submarine Sailor Spills Secrets

27 August 2006

Rumsfeld Urges Russia on U.S. Nuke Plan

Russia and Central Asian Allies Conduct War Games in Response to US Threats

Memphis is the best

Texas dives far from home

'Blow of Zolfaqar' wargames unique in missile use

Iran test-fires sub-to-surface missile

Iran fires missile from submarine in Gulf

Israel Gets Super Subs

New sub has Texas-sized back story

Naval Coastal Warfare Squadron Deploys to Kuwait

Navy seeks permission to train with active sonar

The Eyes of Texas SSN-775

26 August 2006

USS Texas music video

Final Anzac frigate commissioned

Russian Navy to receive new nuclear-powered submarines

Iran Navy Tests Coast-to-Sea Missile Successfully

Navy's new sub has Texas-size expectations

New Navy Nuclear Sub Debuts in Atlantic

Israel Sends Message To Iran With Submarine Purchase

25 August 2006

Cole skipper blasts Navy

With LCS Launching Soon, Navy Still Works On USVs

China takes delivery of the 4th Sovremenny destroyer from Russia

Submariner reservists going to Iraq

Submariner accused of espionage faces general court martial

German submarines will be delivered not earlier than 2010

Taiwan takes delivery of last two of four US destroyers

U.S. Navy Decision on Carrier Expected Next Year

US warship gets approval to join Indian Navy

Construction of LPD 21 New York Progresses

Navy to Commission Attack Submarine Texas

No hugs or kisses for Lieberman at submarine session

24 August 2006

Israel adds 2 nuclear-capable submarines

Navy 'stopped invasion by Nazis'

An undersea grave for WWII heroes

General Dynamics supplies sub spares

Unique visitor draws curious onlookers

23 August 2006

This is not the world sailors expect to see when they join the Navy

Navy may sink carrier Forrestal

Israel buys nuclear subs

Navy Commissions Attack Submarine Texas

Israel Buys Upgraded Subs To Counter Iran Threat

22 August 2006

Arctic deployment reveals gaps in Canada's military

U.S. Navy to double BMD ships

Iran's Navy Attacks and Boards Romanian Oil Rig

Israel to buy 2 new submarines from Germany

TV show celebrates ground-breaking sub

Commander of USS Cole during attack fails to make captain

Navy considering moving USS Carl Vinson to one of four ports

Texas Likely Stationed in Hawaii?

21 August 2006

Screenwriter Feels Rotten About U-571 Alterations

Fabled US sub wreck `a grave'

Iowa plans submarine memorial

19 August 2006

60 Years Later, a World War II Submarine May Finally Come Home
grunion sub

Long-lost US sub found

Japanese activists want no-fly zone over US nuclear-powered ship

Author's Nazi SS past stuns Germans

Yet another Battle of the Atlantic book?

Galveston City Council welcomed Capt. John Litherland

Robot submarine to explore the moss in Oregon's Crater Lake

18 August 2006

USS Jimmy Carter (SSN 23) First De-Perm

Submarine Texas to be commissioned in Galveston Sept 9

Museum asked to hold sub data

Britain's submarines resurface

USS Jimmy Carter Gets 'Depermed'

New breed of warship is on the way

Reactor for India's nuclear submarine fully operational

Russian tycoon buys historic K-19 nuclear submarine

Russians find wreckage of USS Wahoo

17 August 2006

Sad end for Russia's Oscar-class

Quest on for navy mystery grave

Lost at sea: Submariner’s hat is returned after 27 years

After six decades, a submarine's fate may surface

16 August 2006

Sailor who kept U-505 afloat dies

''Protector'' Unmanned Surface Vehicle Demonstrated

Global Hawk Flies High, Sees All in RIMPAC Exercise

Memphis deemed the best ship in the Navy

Royal Navy sells White Ensign as 'cool' brand

Finnish Navy searches for submarine in waters off Helsinki coastline

Australian Submarine Corp to be sold off

15 August 2006

Plan for a Texas-size party

Dutch Dockwise to transport Russian submarines

$300 SpySub

Suspected unexploded sea-mine in Darwin harbour

US team torpedo contracts rise to $250M

German Navy reportedly will join Lebanon peace force

14 August 2006

Elissa Welcomes New Submarine Texas

Spanish police find

'drugs' submarine

The USN set to christen first of its next generation warships

Hearing for Navy chaplain charged with disobeying order

PN-US ships arrive in Subic for CARAT 2006

Falklands’ war Sea Harrier auctioned

General Dynamics to Support USS Texas Post-shakedown Work

GD to put finishing touches on sub Texas

USS Texas to be commissioned Sept-9

Nuclear-powered Savannah to get makeover

Black Sea Fleet to drill antiterrorist actions

Spanish police seize suspected drug sub

Russia Marks Sixth Anniversary of Kursk Submarine Disaster

13 August 2006

Saturday last call for Elissa recruits

Charting a new course

San Diego Chargers Practice Aboard USS Ronald Reagan

Rich, famous and afloat

Canadian military will defend claim over Arctic waters

USN tug fights fire

aboard freighter in off Liberia

RAN rescues sick Japanese sailor

Assert Canadian sovereignty in the Arctic

12 August 2006

Two tankers refuse navy's offer of escort to Lebanon

LTTE shells Trincomalee navy base

US, Italy shipyards in lead to build new Iraqi navy

Bulgaria sees off last

navy conscription

Video: Israel Navy attacks the shores of Lebanon

Navy halts sunken war ship's photography

Navy buys Predator from General Atomics

New sub to arrive in state it honors

11 August 2006

USN midshipmen submerged in submarine summer cruise

US nuclear subs

to leave Sardinia

Albania: Operation “Bell 222” finished

Pictures: The new Pak Hamza submarine

Straits of Malacca no more a war risk zone

Pak Navy gets advanced submarine

Upgraded US EP-3 ASW aircraft goes to full production

10 August 2006

US Submarine Sailor in Afghanistan meritoriously promoted

USN forges ahead on littoral torpedos

S-80: Scorpenes, for Spain

to sail out on the main

Kollmorgen advanced imaging/mast systems for Spanish S80 submarine

US nuclear submarines to leave Italian island base

World War One submarine discovered off Scottish coast

Agosta submarine Hamza

handed over to Pak Navy

Iraqi navy prepares to assume security role

Israel enhancing nuke-capable submarines

Fledgling Iraqi navy to buy new boats

Scorpenes, for Spain, to Sail Out on the Main

09 August 2006

Navy sailor suspected of spying for Russia

Navy refutes report of closing date for La Maddalena

Lithuania to hold a joint

navy exercise STORMEX 06

Australia's next generation air warfare destroyer

Russian Pacific Fleet moving south

US sub that severed line was 100+ feet deep

U.S. tests motor for new submarine missile

It comes with a submarine

Frigate HMNZS Canterbury to be sunk as dive attraction

Amphibs, Mine Ships top USN transfer list

Six arrested, three jailed for protest at USN submarine base

USN competition tests underwter robots

USS Texas to be commissioned Sept. 9 -SubSim will be there-

Naval Base Simon Town: running a green harbour

Falkland Islands dispute heats up

08 August 2006

Navy chief sees India becoming a maritime power

U.S. tests motor for new submarine missile

Sea Talon Program Achieves Key Milestones

Google Earth reveals entrance to China sub tunnel

The Northern Fleet Still Glows In The Dark

What a lot of yacht I've got!

India's naval chief promises technologically fighting fit force

07 August 2006

Conventional Tridents Dealt Minor Setback

Russia Will Keep the Kuznetsov in Service

In need of some Talent

Indian Navy to be fully balanced force in next 10 years

New Generation Sub To Enter Russian Service Soon

N.Korea Claims Capture of U.S. Submersible

06 August 2006

Nuclear boat sees world's top from below

Filling the space above the Navy's fleet

Navy ship redeploys following attack

Mining ship's first quarry: Soviet sub

Submarine in underwater challenge

04 August 2006

Navy Chief Submerges 2,000 Feet, Sets Record

Boeing sells Harpoons to U.S. allies

Navy sub damaged after hitting tow line

Benedict Arnold's Navy

Boeing rolls out first EA-18G Growler for Navy

Dallas deploys, mission ready

Admiral expresses frustration over slow pace of submarine repairs

This week in Naval history

USS Nevada Damaged in Accident

03 August 2006

Admiralty Shipyards conducts sea trials of new diesel submarine

02 August 2006

USS Asheville Departs for Western Pacific

Submarine built by Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal wins 1st

India to buy three stealth frigates from Russia


01 August 2006

Radiation accident on Russian nuclear submarine

Linux enlists in hunt for subs

Blackseafor Naval group manoeuvres to begin on Tuesday

Tireless in Southampton

Senate Panel Kills Trident Missile Plan

Tomcat Chapter Draws to a Close

New Russian Boomers Stumble

Russia plans new life for naval assets