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31 October 2005

Turn On, Tune In, Sail Out on BBC1

Taiwan subs' botched torpedo attacks

Shots fired in high seas drug bust

UK may save cash by replacing Trident with air-launched missiles

Fire on 2nd Canadian sub

Guam to receive third home-ported submarine in 2006

U.K.ís Next Carrier Faces Possible Delay

New Danish Ship Can Fight Far From Home

Russian Navy visits Indonesia

Russia Ready to Hold Joint Naval Exercises With Indonesia

"China's navy not yet a threat to Japan and US"

30 October 2005


Vikrant may host fashion show

Indian cruise missiles for the Chilean Navy

Admirals sink Navy to float Versatile Maritime Force

US bid to raise historic wreck

Two Kidd-class destroyers on their way to join Taiwan's navy

28 October 2005

USS Virginia (SSN 774) belowdecks photos! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Russian Pacific Fleet makes Asia-Pacific tour

India ready to export BrahMos missile

HMS Southamptonís been having a blast

U.S. Navy Announces CVN to Replace USS Kitty Hawk in 2008

UK's Trident subs 'may be replaced'

Japan to host nuclear U.S. carrier

Yokosuka outraged over nuclear carrier

USS Salt Lake City (SSN 716) deactivated

The night torpedoes were fired at 'our heart'

The U.S. Navy's China diplomacy

27 October 2005

Navy May Sink DD(X) Destroyer Program Entirely

Simulation subs for real thing in Yokosuka drill

Video: Guided missile submarine conversion

Secret talks to rescue carrier deal

Indonesian navy rejects US presence in Malacca Straits

Indonesian Navy to purchase Dutch corvettes

'While you were out to sea'

Navy plans to trim its fleet by 10 ships this fiscal year

Navy crew bids farewell to the USS Salt Lake City

26 October 2005

Captain wonít go down with ship

US to China: Give up the goods, no one gets hurt

Hunley replica, displays at Broadway at the Beach

25 October 2005

Five charged over nuclear protest

Commander agrees with report blaming him for submarine collision

Protection of heritage all at sea

South Africa ready to take possession of first new submarine

24 October 2005

A Super Hornet's Nest

Seventh Anzac frigate joins the fleet

New torpedo adds to Australia's underwater arsenal

Navy to build undersea sonar training range on East Coast

Chile to buy three former Royal Navy Type 23 frigates

The First Sea Lord's Trafalgar Night address

The US Navy: lost in space?

23 October 2005

U.S. Navy Blocks Commercial Web Mail

How Tough Can It Be To Sink An Aircraft Carrier?

Thousands celebrate in Trafalgar Square

Training range for subs OK, Navy says

22 October 2005

Russian ships leave India for home

Indo-Russian naval exercises underway

Royal Navy's greatest victory marked across nation

Venezuelan Navy to simulate American invasion

India, Russia to test sub-launched BrahMos missile

Navy to build undersea sonar training range on East Coast

If Today's Media Reported the Battle of Midway

Navy moving ahead with sonar range proposal

21 October 2005

Video: Navy tests new submarine-launched missile

Queen Leads Trafalgar Commemoration

Nelsonís final bow?

France, Spain and Britain celebrate bicentennial of Trafalgar battle

Photo gallary: Battle of Trafalgar 200th anniversary

Wreaths mark Battle of Trafalgar

Victory and duty of hero's battle

Taiwan's former president warns US of Chinese assault

USS Parche, Navy's Most Highly Decorated Ship, Honored with Coin

India's Defence Minister promises Navy sustained project funding

20 October 2005

The Loyal Toast to be broadcast live from HMS Victory

Date set for launch of Australia's new destroyer

Britain marks Battle of Trafalgar

U.S. Navy To Upgrade Harpoons

Did a U.S. torpedo sink the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk?

German navy commissions first fuel cell-powered submarines

U 32: World's most modern sub

Russia keen to hold more naval exercises with India

Photo gallery: Russian Navy in Action

Russian Navy abandoned 22 subs

Groups sue Navy's use of sonar

Naval Historical Center joins search for John Paul Jones' ship

Who will own the nuclear cruiser Admiral Ushakov?

Board cites officer in sub crash

Israel Navy unleashes "Death Shark" against terrorism

Indian submariners in training to operate Akula subs

19 October 2005

Battle of Trafalgarís 200th Marked With New Books

UK's Trident fleet faces stretched lifespan

Trafalgar coins mark anniversary

Battle of Trafalgar class submarines!

Carter takes on water, returns to port

Trawler Fleeing Norwegian Coastguard Enters Russian Waters

Environmental group sues Navy over sonar use

Indo-Russian joint naval exercises conclude

18 October 2005

Warships' bells to ring out for Nelson and Trafalgar

UK unsure new carrier can be delivered on time

Foreign states buy Russian decommissioned vessels to make hotels

Russia, Norway agree to convoy Russian trawler to Murmansk

Russian-Indian Naval Exercises Start

USS Jimmy Carter Swamped by Heavy Seas, Back In Port For Repairs

India-Russia naval exercises begin

Ships sail out to sea for Indra-2005

Russian anti-submarine sets ship sail from Severomorsk

Russia hands over upggraded submarine to Indian navy

17 October 2005

Royal Navy expects the public to fly the flag for Nelson

North Korea Developing Sea Launched Missiles That Could Reach US

Barents chase over Russia trawler

Russian Navy staying away from incident with trawler in Barents Sea

Nebraska bakery supplies sub with fruitcake

Aussie shipbuilder in $300m US warship deal

U.S. Navy Awards Contract to Convert USS Georgia to SSGN

Breaking barriers, sinking stereotypes

A Titanic dive to remember

Indo-Russian Naval exercises continue inspite of bad weather

16 October 2005

Nato may rethink Sardinia war games

Canadian navy readies proposal to acquire amphibious assault ships

'Tales of Da Bronx Submariner'

Submarine warfare experts gather

Russia to provide latest weapons technology to India

U.S. Navy eyes planet's most congested stretch of ocean

Funding curb forces Virginia reality check

15 October 2005

Nelson planned to use subs and mines against Napoleon's navy

U.S. Navy orders high-speed trimaran

Navy's Top Officer Calls For More Shipbuilding, Lower Costs

14 October 2005

Royal Navy encourages all to 'Fly the Flag' Trafalgar weekend

Navy's top admiral wants to retire the Kennedy

USS Cole documentary premieres

Bumper weekend for Nelson in Portsmouth

Israeli Navyís Unmanned Boat Takes to Seas

Penn & Teller to make a submarine ďdisappearĒ

Russian naval ships arrive in India

13 October 2005

Lockheed to transform Sikorsky aircraft into attack helicopter

Indo-Russian naval exercise begins on Oct 14

Posh, Becks and someone called Horatio

Royal Navy plays to 10,000 in Trafalgar Square

??? Guess Who ???

??? Guess Who ???

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