World Naval News Archives

31 May 2005

Vets applaud skipper of nuclear submarine in fatal crash

India opens huge new naval base

Chinese submarine damaged in maneuvers

Canada's Navy Charts New Waters

Truth about Canada's subs finally surfaces

Royal Navy 'Robots' to Hunt Down Underwater Mine Menace

Sub firm to build Australia's new destroyers

U.S. begins four-month long war games with Southeast Asia

Multipurpose Akula-class nuclear submarine under repairs

Chinese submarine may have caught fire in South China Sea

ASC to build Australia's AWD destroyer

30 May 2005


29 May 2005

Submarine Veterans Honor Lost Boats, VE Day And 9/11

28 May 2005

Navy Hires EB To Find Key To Cheaper Subs

Students build a submarine (video)

27 May 2005

Indian Navy gets new warship

General Dynamics Awarded $21 Million to Develop Advanced Submarine Technologies

Indian admiral: "Delay in replacing submarine fleet a serious matter"

French Rafale Fighter Jet Lands on US Navy Aircraft Carrier (Photo)

RN admiral in charge at key NATO exercise



LaSalle to bow out of Navy service

Congress at loggerheads with Navy, DoD over carrier’s future

Sub makes final dive to new home

German u-boat center of new museum display

26 May 2005

Ike, French Carrier Work Together During Maritime Exercise

Marine mammals on terror duty

US Navy Plans DD(X) Duel Between Northrop, General Dynamics

Celebrating Japan's Trafalgar

Pakistan admits military role of China-built port

French to arrive for NATO exercise

Defense Bill Means Money For Kennedy

Navy awards $3B for DD(X) Ship Integration & Design

Split contract jeopardizes ship acquisition, Navy says

Ships dock in NYC for Fleet Week

Harrier pilots ramp up skills

Navy Surges Ships To Deny Terrorists Use Of Maritime Environment

Navy Details Phaseout Of Groton Base

25 May 2005

Royal Navy Aircrew Awarded Russian Medals

Head of Iraqi Navy Speaks on Future of His Growing Fleet

Pentagon Report Could Strengthen Case To Keep Subbase Open

Submariners’ graffiti could spell end of a tradition

Upgrade for submarine rescue system

U.S. Navy sending five ships to disrupt terrorists at sea

Fears of terrorism by sea in Southeast Asia

Canadian Navy's four old subs to go on sale

Sub makes final dive to new home

24 May 2005

'Bomb bungle' Brit a hero

Experts hope to show ship was Blackbeard's

India, China plan joint naval exercise

Aegis for Australia

U.S. gives Taiwan deadline on P-3 decision


Submarine build for China launched from shipyard

23 May 2005

Solar Sail spacecraft en route to Russian submarine base

Fears of terrorism in southeast Asian waters

Australia air-warfare ships decision due "soon"

HMS Argyll on guard at Iraqi oil platforms

Museum Unloads Historic Torpedoes

Joe Lieberman: "SAVE THE SUBS"

Georgia submarine base hits the jackpot

Navy all at sea as it tries to spare French blushes over Trafalgar

22 May 2005

Base-closings reflect changes in the world

'Slimy stuff' won't grow on new coating

21 May 2005

Navy discloses reasoning behind base recommendations

Submarine cancer threat

Today in History: USS Scorpion

Black officer a first in No. 2 academy post

Crew of USS Pittsburgh celebrates submarine's 20th anniversary

Submarine base rescue effort ramping up

20 May 2005

Ships Deploy For Annual Baltic Operations

Carrier USS America sent to Atlantic's bottom

Question mark over frigate upgrade

Upgrades toughen Australia's 'floating targets'

Nautical hobby leads to world-class submarine trove (Thanks, SimHQ!)

China planning submarine base in Indonesia

Navy needs a second 'forward deployed' carrier in the Pacific

Navy Performs Maximum Range Test of Boeing SLAM-ER

Steady as you go, Navy is urged

Paper is out, as cruiser’s navigation goes digital

House panel OKs 12-carrier fleet

"American Chopper" visits USS Albuquerque

More questions surface about secondhand subs


Loss of base would be incalculable

Sub limps back to port

19 May 2005

U.S. Navy to test Norwegian stealth vessels

Engine problems force Canadian sub back to port

Groton Closing: What hurts one, hurts us all

For US submarine, a crash, chaos and then relief

Nuclear-war threat still very real

Swedish Sub To Drill with US Navy for a Year

Who's To Blame For Sub Disaster?

17 May 2005

New maritime weapons, warships on exhibit in Singapore

Indian Navy to take part in exercises off Singapore

Building a submarine 101

Nautical hobby leads to world-class submarine trove

X-craft men gather for reunion

Look inside a RN Trafalgar class sub

16 May 2005

Photos: Swedish submarine shipped to the USA

Submariners'congress to open in Argentina

US naval undersea museum unloads historic torpedoes

Safety fears over RN nuke-sub berths

15 May 2005

Russia developing new aircraft carrier

UK beach cleared after US flare found

RN new supply fleet could be built cheap in China

U.S Navy ship arrives at Papua New Guinea on humanitarian mission

14 May 2005

Sub Base Faces Closure

Norfolk Naval Station would get Groton subs

Hawaii awaits decision on nuclear aircraft carrier

Senate panel moves to keep 12 aircraft carriers

Submarine Museum Sees Potential Silver Lining

Reactions to potential submarine base closing

Building warships on the Piscataqua since 1690

Phito: Colombian Navy carry sacks of cocaine

USN submarine base in Conn. ready for a fight

13 May 2005

British warriors laid to rest – 200 years on

Pentagon recommends closing Groton submarine base

Aircrewman honored for submarine rescue

Royal Navy on Trafalgar terrorist alert

Navy active sonar harming ocean life ?

Canadian Navy leads major multi-national naval-air exercise

Indonesian Navy gets maritime patrol aircraft

When blood fizzes: Diving UB-88 WWI German submarine

HMS Portland visits Simon's Town

12 May 2005

Fleet operators put MH-60R to the test

Colombian Submariners Help U.S. Navy with Potential Terror Threat

Lawmakers free up $2.3B for extra ships

USS Kilroy Was Here?

Mechanical defects plague HMCS Victoria

MH-60R Helicopter Enters Operational Evaluation by U.S. Navy

INS will be using the -US Navy’s Global Submarine Rescue Flyaway Kit-

Stricken Polish submarine regains power

US ELF still controversial

Indian Navy Sea Bird will be operational soon

Indian Navy to secure gas interests

US Navy judge convicts anti-war sailor

Resurgence of piracy on tsunami-hit seas

11 May 2005

House panel adds three ships to defense budget

Rescue tug heads for stricken Polish submarine

Pakistani Frigate Helps Safeguard Gulf of Oman

Sub crew's training paid off in disaster

USS Los Angeles Returns From Six-month Deployment

P-8A MMA Progresses Toward Design Phase

Indonesia's navy to guard oil, gas projects in Malacca Straits

SA navy scouting for more fighting men

Australian Navy patrol boats to make way for new fleet

Russian Navy to maintain surface fleet intact for 10-15 years

Submarines to boost S. Africa%u2019s peacekeeping role

Shipwreck starts to yield secrets

Iran making midget submarines

Submarine wreck trips held back

Italian naval presence in Gulf part of anti-terror war

Official start production first Iranian-made submarine

British expert supports claim "Kursk sunk by US naval vessels"

10 May 2005

Russian sub to launch Solar Sail spacecraft

Dutch Goalkeeper video (8Mb)

899 Squadron makes curtain call

Photos -- USS San Francisco gets a nose job: 1, 2

USS San Francisco Investigation Completed

Australia to upgrade anti-ship missile defense

Fleshpoint as RAF goes against Royal Navy line

Painful memories for survivors of the Arctic convoys

P-8A MMA Could Become a Multinational Program

SA Navy training submariners for new fleet

Russian Navy Chief Outlines Plans for Building Surface Ships

Changes Under Way In U.S. Submarine Force

Royal Navy disciplines "skinny dippers"

USN first littoral combat ship honors freedom

Pakistan Naval exercise with France planned

Looking Back @ May 9 1942

French explorer's shipwreck found

RAN Anzac frigates land $260m upgrade

HMS Illustrious arrives in London

09 May 2005

After torpedo hit, a frantic swim for survival

Trailblazer HMS Norfolk bows out

Silent all those years

US sub had charts to avoid
crash, Navy concludes

Statement from commanding officer and crew of HMCS Chicoutimi

08 May 2005

Study lists pros, cons of basing carrier in Hawaii

US 'torpedoed Kursk nuclear sub'

Indian Navy yet to move into Malacca Straits

Pakistan navy orders 1.3 bln dollar equipment from US

USS San Francisco sub crash could have been avoided

Sinking cancelled, USS Oriskany headed back to Texas

07 May 2005

Repairs made to USS San Francisco's bow

US Navy sonar under scrutiny

What’s Wrong With Russian Submarines?

Pentagon moves to sell Pakistan anti-ship missiles

Today in history: The Lusitania torpedoed

INS Himgiri decommissioned

Canadian anti-sub frigate docks on Saipan

06 May 2005

"Back to sea" for Canada's submariners

Russian Navy joins NATO operation

Missiles of Russia-India JV to arm Indian navy

US Navy, UH Studying Dolphins to Improve Sonar

US Destroyer program may be 33 % over Navy budget

US Navy punishes four in carrier death

Cash pledged for Canadian submarine program

Convoy veterans renew camaraderie of Arctic War

USS Asheville returns home after 6-month deployment

Russian submarine for export detained by Kamchatka customs

Dmitri Donskoi nuke sub to be back in service soon

05 May 2005

Navy finds no fault in sub fire

Chicoutimi submariner was in wrong place, wrong time

Confidential German sub plans offered to covert Mountie in coffee shop

Chicoutimi report to take focus off human error

House aims to hold off Kennedy retirement

Kitty Hawk - America’s Oldest Active Warship - Turns 44

Navy seeks to preserve site of Hindenburg disaster

The man who succeeded Hitler

Aussie Navy orders Sea Kings grounded

India to induct BrahMos in Navy

No-fault finding in Canadian submarine fire

04 May 2005

ON THIS DAY 1982: British sub sinks Argentine cruiser

Deal on Kennedy reached

Hellraisers who ruined old Halifax

U.S. Congress Rejects Navy's Winner-Take-All Plan for DDX

S.Korea Launches Fourth Stealth Destroyer

China to deploy new sub-launched nuclear missile

Controversy continues to dog Britain’s nuclear deterrent

New South African sub launched

WWII submarine to resurface in June

Beached dolphins released off Florida

Chicoutimi secured to the deck of the Eide transporter

American civil war submarine to be displayed

Singapore Formidable class multi-mission frigate

03 May 2005

Retired carrier Oriskany moving to Texas

Sailors hope Brits shoulder sub blame

Design quirk could have caused Chicoutimi fire

Civil War Submarine To be Displayed May 10

Navy sonar under scrutiny

Indian Navy eyes new Boeing ASW aircraft

Navy Completes Testing of New Naval Gun

Blair denies approving new N-weapons to replace Trident

USS Razorback to Open for Tours

HMCS Chicoutimi Board of Inquiry to be Released

02 May 2005

Greek navy investigates incident on Norwegian ship

U.S. Navy, CBO differ over shipbuilding needs

May 2, 1982: British sub sinks Argentine cruiser

Blair to replace Britain's Trident fleet

Korean Navy to launch stealth destroyer

'All we have we owe to them'

Canada commemorates Atlantic battle

01 May 2005

Russia Completes New Sub for Chinese Navy

German sub plans offered to Canadian Mountie in coffee shop

Dolphin beaching puts Navy on defensive