World Naval News Archives

31 March 2005

Carrier strike role brought back into focus

S.Korea plans new navy base

India’s ‘Project Sea Bird’

Sub Force forges ahead with 'paperless' navigation

Chicoutimi submarine inquiry resumes behind closed doors

Submarine project leader quits

China threat affirms need for submarine base

30 March 2005

Navy pushing for addition of second aircraft carrier in Pacific

U.S. Navy redeploys in Gulf

USS San Francisco Heros and Villians

”Northern fleet submarines retain top combat readiness”

NZ Navy being turned into a ‘coastguard’ service

Congress Should Restore Funding to Refuel Attack Submarines

Canada's sub fleet will prove its worth

Kitty Hawk Transfers Goodwill to Russian Ship

29 March 2005

Carrier Eisenhower rejoins fleet

Indonesia and US navy to hold joint exercise

Musharraf hails navy war-game

Blue Ridge of US 7th Fleet makes first visit to Zhanjiang

U.S. Navy Warship Visits Vietnam

Navy cites 20 for saving sub

28 March 2005

Investigators piece together what caused Kitty Hawk jet accident

Pilots recount F/A-18's plunge into sea

Funding crisis could sink HMS Unicorn

First test launch of Bulava missile to be held this year

26 March 2005

HMS Spare Parts

Colombia police find cocaine sub

25 March 2005

Delay DD(X), expert says

JFK poised to replace aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk

Report: Sub Force To Shrink Even If Fleet Grows

Photos -- "We Dive at Dawn": 1, 2, 3

Navy's shipbuilding plan may mean far fewer vessels

Sailors aboard USS San Francisco awarded for bringing damaged ship into port

Taiwan considers AIP upgrade for diesel-electric submarines

24 March 2005

Six submarine crew members disciplined

Chinese Military Buildup Causes US Concern

Diesel-electric subs can pressurize China

Taiwan defense ministry talks up new anti-sub planes

End of an era for Sea Harrier pilots

Royal Navy swoops down on Somali pirates

Navy to hone hunting skills on Swedish sub

Seawolf engineering officer recognized

30-year Navy plan cuts subs, carriers

French trawler 'was sunk by sub'

German Submarine supplier to India will not replace French immediately

Taiwan Defense Minister says need for new subs is 'urgent'

23 March 2005

Military predicts China sea dominance in Taiwan Strait

U.S. Navy to train with Swedish sub

U.S. wants Taiwan's decision on P-3s by May

RN Admiral looks back to a forward thinker

USS Spruance to Decommission

Six Members Of Sub Crew Punished For Pacific Crash

India to build aircraft carrier

Indian Navy chief gets grand welcome in the U.S.

India close to Scorpene sub deal

India, US set to fix deal on submarines

US Submarine Enters South Korea

21 March 2005

Pyongyang Flails Entry of Kitty Hawk into S. Korea

U.S. Urged to Withdraw Its Carrier Flotilla from S. Korea

USS Nimitz Strike Group Prepares for Deployment

Russian Navy to receive Borei SSBN this year

Russian Admiral Says West Blocking Submarine Safety Deal

20 March 2005

Submarine deal in choppy waters

University team locates huge Japanese sub

Submarine Force Forges Ahead with 'Paperless' Navigation

19 March 2005

Video: USS Florida SSGN Conversion: Part 1, 2

Russian general denies war games with China are dry run for attack on Taiwan

Navy defends decision to retire carrier

Canadian sub inquiry wraps up for second time

Submariner Day marked in Russia

Monument to Kursk sailors unveiled in Crimea

Northern Fleet submarines retain top combat readiness

18 March 2005

Cruise missile row rocks Ukraine

Next for terrorists: Seaborne attacks

A very British victory

Russian in China to plan war games

Soviet Torpedoes Still Haunt Mediterranean

17 March 2005

China's submarines in Taiwan Strait mean more than blockade

China, Russia to 'Rehearse invasion of Taiwan'

Japan seeks help against pirates

Growing threat of 'maritime muggers'

Kennedy should be retired, Navy leader says

16 March 2005

HMS Illustrious starts intensive training

Taiwan Cabinet Approves U.S. Arms Package amid Threat

Wait for Scorpene may soon be over

15 March 2005

Kitty Hawk drops anchor in S. Korea

Shipbuilding, weapons, aircraft top Navy’s wish list

India, Russia at odds over nuclear subs

Pirates storm Indonesian tanker

Russian Navy ships to join NATO's peacekeeping operation

Iran displays seized British Navy boats

RI Navy hunts pirates in Malacca Strait

New technology for navigating without GPS

Submariner puts what he learned in school to good use

Barrow rivals say ’we can build subs cheaper'

14 March 2005

Admiral Throws Cold Water On Diesel Subs

At Least One Record Set By Seawolf Is Unclassified (registration required)

Indian Navy to receive MiG-29 fighters in 2007

RAN planning for two new aircraft carriers

Sub fire spurs medical review

Short-shrifting The Fleet

Three Carrier Groups En route To Middle East

Navy officers faulted in sub crash

Taiwan seeks home for Kidd-class destroyer

12 March 2005

U.S. Navy aircraft carrier groups send strong message to Iran and Syria

Shipyard advocate: Subs will be needed

Study cites problems in budgeting for Navy ship construction

Keel of Third Astute - Class Submarine Is Laid

11 March 2005

Admiral Warns Against Cutting Sub Fleet

Shark Skin Inspires Ship Coating

Australian frigate en route to Gallipoli

U.S. Navy plans to retire carrier early

Indian Navy to get BrahMos missile

Indian Navy's war assets to shift house in April

France Launches Its First Horizon Class Frigate

Minister: UK will order subs when time is right

Canada's new subs have asbestos

10 March 2005

HMS Cardiff set for final deployment

Official emblem sanctioned for Arctic convoys

Indonesia sends warships into maritime dispute

09 March 2005

Brazilian Navy Launches New Submarine

Malaysia may buy latest frigate from UK

Indonesian navy withdraws patrol ships

Cambodia mulls buying Chinese ships to boost navy

Navy Investigates Sonar Role In Dolphin Strandings

Taiwan to give top priority to buying submarines

Trafalgar Bells To Ring Out Again

Russian Navy plans Mediterranean cruise

08 March 2005

Only Surviving Sail From Battle Of Trafalgar To Go On Show

Indian Navy's Kilo subs to get Klub-S missiles

Lawmakers challenge Navy to spend more on submarine research

Victims of early submarine disasters are remembered

07 March 2005

PM asks Pak Navy to thwart designs of supremacy in Indian Ocean

Navy Commissions Latest High-tech Destroyer

Better defence in the Malacca Straits

Pakistan, Iran to conduct joint naval exercises

Royal Navy returns to submarine training ground

05 March 2005

Five Firefights, Three Bombs And A Bronze Star

Video: Virtual environment for submarine ship handling training


Indonesia, Malaysia agree to joint naval patrols

Nelson Model's Eyebrow Halved in A Blink

Sub Link In Dolphin Stranding?

04 March 2005

Soviet submariner who saved sinking Hearts

Navy's newest destroyer is at the ready

Veteran destroyer could return to the UK

Royal Navy denies charm offensive

Navy Plans Submarine Range Off North Carolina Coast

Scapegoat fears for submarine officers

Sub investigators given more time

03 March 2005

Navy to Commission New Guided Missile Destroyer Nitze

Navy to sink carrier USS America in explosive tests

Kursk Families Say Sailors Could Have Been Saved

Aegis missile defense 'for real' after successful test

US Navy: New DD(X) Competition Could Save $Billions

Once-mighty warship lays down its arms

V-22 Cleared to Begin Operational Evaluation

Indonesia may send submarine to disputed sea area

Malaysia, Indonesia to talk over oil dispute

Bush picks reformer to lead Navy operations

Mount Whitney becomes Sixth Fleet flagship

Senators blast Navy's DD(X) plan

Submarine force imperative: Taiwan official

02 March 2005

Fleet Studies Raise Prospect Of Non-nuclear Submarines

Indonesian Warships Sent into Maritime Dispute

Race quota won't scupper sub delivery

South Africa sub's delivery undecided yet

01 March 2005

Deep mystery: Finding the HMAS Sydney

NATO sub exercise set to kick off near Sicily

British officer says Canada 'naive' about refitting subs

Inquiry into Canadian submarine fire asks for more time, again

Purchasing of 2 subs per year is urged

Looking for a new way to accidentally kill yourself?

A submarine movie that has no trouble staying afloat