World Naval News Archives

28 February 2005

U.S. resists efforts to limit sonar

UK sub industry shake-up as US firm looks at bid

NATO to Hold world’s largest Anti-Submarine Warfare exercise

Spending boost leaves Canada's navy adrift

Magnetic missiles attractive to Navy

Singapore navy to escort commercial ships

India, France begin joint naval exercises

Nuclear sub destroyed by mobile phone, says White House

Trimming costs could boost sub program

Naval shipyard fights for its life

RAF wins trophy for submarine hunting

25 February 2005

India's new supersonic missiles ready for use

China Protests US-Japan Declaration of Taiwan Strait as “Strategic Objective”

RN's last Sea Harrier squadron puts theory into practice

USS Kitty Hawk strike group visits Hong Kong

New gunboat laid down in St. Petersburg

Royal Navy signs deal for new Falkland Islands patrol vessel

Navy ship downs dummy ballistic missile in successful test

24 February 2005

Taiwan naval fleet to enter European water

Rocket to test cruiser's capability

A long time coming for USS Jimmy Carter (SSN 23) crew

Indian, Singapore navies begin exercise

Singapore, India conduct annual naval exercise

23 February 2005

100 Years Ago: The Future of Submarines

China's launches most advanced maritime patrol boat

Video: USS Jimmy Carter (SSN 23)

Iraqi navy ships under construction in Baghdad

DD(X) program change likely

India asks Israel for technical assistance to develop SLBM

Hunley, Monitor Teams To Collaborate On Preservation

USS Scranton Brings Submarine's Perspective to Battlegroup Exercise

22 February 2005

Former Navy Secretary Lehman: U.S. Fleet Is Already Too Small For Safety (registration required)

Half the Fleet to pay tribute to Nelson

Former President Carter Tours Namesake Sub

RAN gives all clear on subs' water

General Dynamics gets USN submarine sonar contract

Workers strike at Australian submarine manufacturer

USS San Francisco gets temporary parts and repairs

21 February 2005

Photos - USS Jimmy Carter (SSN 23) commissioning: 1 , 2 , 3

Taiwan navy to make first around-the-world voyage

Building carriers ‘crucial’ to future of the Royal Navy

Russian Navy calls for bids

RAN to control northern Persian Gulf region

Whales have mental ocean map

RAN emergency sub project in need of rescue

Has anyone seen our submarine?

Royal Navy to promote gay rights

South Korea, US conduct joint anti-submarine exercise

Mini-dubmarine promises dry delivery for US seals

Operation on US sailor onboard HMS Invincible

20 February 2005

Photo: Finnish Hamina missile boat

Aker Finnyards to build missile boat for Finnish navy

Russian nuclear cruiser Admiral Nakhimov being upgraded

Can. sub skipper seeks legal advice

Hollywood's dirty little secret

The Secret Victory: First??? U-boat sunk in WWII met its demise at the Outer Banks

Carter commissions his namesake Sub

Book review: "U.S. Subs Down Under"

U.S., South Korea conduct joint anti-submarine exercise

USN's 'hottest sports car' is reflection of its future

USN hero finally earns medal for 1942 surgery at sea

USS Jimmy Carter commissioned as last, largest of the Seawolves

19 February 2005

US naval historical center supervises preparation for Civil War sub

Taiwan president urges navy to play more active strategic role

Former US submariner gets what he deserves

USS Carter will be able to tap undersea cables

Keeping USN jets off Ebay

18 February 2005

India sends warships to Middle East

Threatened Dutch MP reveals living on navy base

French warship arrives in Singapore after aid Mmssion

How much is that submarine?

Rumsfeld warns of concern about expansion of China's navy

Russian Navy starts building two new Black Sea Fleet bases

Photo: US submarine Jimmy Carter

US sailors injured in minor sub fire at shipyard

India naval fighter delivery on schedule

Hellenic fast attack craft

USN, DARPA seek smaller submarines

17 February 2005

Seafloor Still About 90 Percent Unknown, Experts Say

Confederate sub's sinking like a cold-case file

ROC Navy fleets begin 'friendly tour' of Taiwan

HMCS Chicoutimi repair contract awarded

Teams gather for worlds biggest submarine hunt

Indian Naval craft T-84 commissioned

Indian Navy to gift Seychelles patrol boat

No Soviet submarine info to be declassified for Bellona

Dome to protect damaged US submarine

New Royal Navy video gallery

HMAS Kanimbla to stay in Aceh

16 February 2005

USS Blue Ridge docks into Goa

RN supply ship takes part in Caribbean drugs bust

ADSB wins contract from Royal Oman Navy

Solar sail spacecraft submarine launch postponed

Photo: Israeli cadets during training

RNZN ships head to Russia

US navy arrives to train personnel in Gabon

15 February 2005

Navy to Commission Attack Submarine Jimmy Carter

Photo: USS Jimmy Carter at sea

HMS Westminster rejoins the Fleet

Canada's aging navy `at risk'

Russia demonstrates Piranya subs at Abu Dhabi show

ASW Exercise Noble Marlin to begin in Ionian Sea

French warships to conduct exercise with Malaysian navy

Bush budget would cut carriers

French Navy Keen To Participate In LIMA 2005

Maritime pics: Welcome aboard - 1 - , - 2 - , - 3 -

Forcers gather for multi-national Joint Maritime Courses

Canadian navy far from ship-shape, committee hears

USN Shipbuilding: An Uncertain Futuree

14 February 2005

Nuclear cruiser Admiral Nakhimov being upgraded

Japanese battleship reflects Royal Navy links

San Francisco Skipper Found Guilty, Relieved of Command

What's cooking? Navy chief visits 'Lightning 20s'

Thai and Vietnamese navies maintain joint patrol

Sailor was the piper of history

Role of subs sinking in U.S. military

Rethink should sink RAN new ships

Ambitious solar sail launched by submarine

Spy reveals Soviet attack plans

Abu Dhabi Ship Building to deliver first vessel to UAE Navy in 2008

13 February 2005

"We haven't got enough ships"

Details on U-boat sinking, burial slow to emerge

Midshipman dumps her for Navy

Kenya Navy says ship deal is clean

The U-85

Book review: "US Subs Down Under"

Aussie ship contract war heats up

Yemen navy flotilla departs Australia in record shipment

Growing Pentagon budget crimps Navy

Retired US marine tells of submarine romance

Torpedo production line becomes operational in Iran

Indonesia plans navy boost

USS Oriskany sinking delayed

Will the Dutch WASUB break the world record ?

12 February 2005

Indonesian Navy plans fleet expansion

Japan move on islands "severe provocation" - China

Iran starts making torpedoes as atomic threats fly

Physicists could improve submarine navigation

Scapa Flow wreck plan aims to attract divers

USS San Francisco skipper faces admiral's mast in sub grounding

Gibraltar says British subs not welcome

'Ecstasy find' on Royal Navy ship

Deadly USN submarine crash aftermath

Israeli Co to arm Indian Sea Harrier aircraft with Derby missiles

USS San Francisco commander formally relieved of command

Shipwrecked sailor rescued by RN task group

11 February 2005

Navy Pilots' Rescue a Triumph for All

Navy: Tight budget impacts DD(X)

Japan-China tensions rise over tiny islands

India to get 12 anti-submarine warfare aircrafts

Derby missiles for Indian navy's Sea Harrier aircraft

A new beginning for two SAS River class MCM vessels

German frigate Hessen completes first sector of sea trial successfully

RN survey ship scans tsunami earthquake zone

Spain seeks agreement with UK over Gibraltar sub

First S1850M Volume Search Radar shipped to France

10 February 2005

Defending Singapore's Sea Lines of Communication

Politics behind poor shape of Canada's subs

US Robotic copter on Titan ship falls, killing worker

Canadian sailor lost in Baltic Sea - Polish navy

Crate escape at sea

RAN Frigate on the rocks

British nuclear sub leaves Gibraltar

M'sian submarine project team gets more than expected In France

What Exactly Is Under the Sea?

Malacca Strait pirates dealt blow by Asian tsunami

Thales AQS22 ALFS dipping sonar for USN

09 February 2005

Indian Navy wants to buy P3-C Orions

New Study Shows Navy Men Have No Sense of Humor

Japan claims disputed lighthouse

India to buy new diesel subs from Russia?

Photos: Sea Fighter

Navy gets new coffee cups

US Navy facing budget, leadership challenges

Shipbuilders criticize budget proposal

`Sea Fighter' alters the look of the Navy

Troubled Waters

British nuclear sub leaves Gibraltar

08 February 2005

2015 is target for Royal Navy carriers

Navy Christens X-craft

Virginia-class Sub Survives In A Tight Shipbuilding Year

Shipbuilder disappointed budget would cut sub purchases

Submarine museum plan has been sunk

Bush seeks $1.7B cut in military shipbuilding

Budget proposal limits Navy to 1 new sub per year

2006 defense budget plan eliminates Navy aircraft carrier

Royal Navy on hand as Ellen MacArthur breaks record

Controversial submarine leaves Gibraltar Wednesday

07 February 2005

Halliburton wins key carrier contract

Two 'sea monsters' with parallel lives

Smaller subs could ride waves of the future

Bush's budget proposal is not good for Navy shipbuilding

Navy may retire JFK early

Photo: Sea Fighter

Nuclear Submarine Repaired and Ready to Leave the Rock

06 February 2005

Deadline for BAE in warships fight

Navy Christens Experimental Surface Fighter Craft

Spain calls in secret service to check UK's 'Sceptre' story

Nuclear Submarine 'Will Leave Gibraltar in Days'

05 February 2005

Inspection to determine future of damaged USS San Francisco

US Navy video: USS San Francisco accident

North Korean Navy Command Once Again Warns S. Korean Military

South Korean navy warns North Korea over sea border dispute

New craft to help fleet develop Navy of future

Crippled Canadian submarine Chicoutimi towed to naval dock in Halifax

Sub snub angers Gibraltar leader

Sea Fighter hits the water on Wednesday

04 February 2005

U.S. Troops To Land in S. Korea in Case of War

Spain says it kept quiet about ailing British sub

Are smaller subs the answer to Navy budget cuts?

N. Korea Threatens Attacks on U.S. Bases

Photo: USS Jimmy Carter (SSN 23) at sea

Russia's new SSBNs to sail without Bulava missiles

India to get MiG-29s for aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov

Navy ships dock for Mardi Gras

"Sea Fighter" alters the look of the Navy

Gibraltar sub visit angers Spain

Navy to upgrade acoustic testing range

Canadian Navy ripped for sub-standard submariners

03 February 2005

Royal Navy figher controllers look to an exciting future (Part 1, 2)

Photo: X-Craft Sea Fighter under construction

HMS Westminster receives world's best anti-torpedo defense system

US defence giant eyes Australian Submarine Corporation

Mystery sub was ours, says Australia

Photo: Hospital ship Mercy arrives in Indonesia

Australia to build air warfare destroyers

Navy faces uncharted waters with new classes of surface ships

Will sub idea float?

02 February 2005

Navy to Christen the Littoral Surface Craft – Experimental (X-Craft) Sea Fighter

New warships will be Australian-made, Hill says

Aussie sub bobs up

Coast Guard to unveil underwater surveillance methods

USS Kitty Hawk sailors recount rescue after F/A-18 night landing accident

Photo: HMCS Chicoutimi comes home

Vinson Strike Group begins around-the-world deployment

Two new nuclear subs might join Russian Navy in 2005

Malaysian Navy's pioneer submariners begin training in France

01 February 2005

Details emerge on Battle of Trafalgar festivities

US firm to land Brit carrier contract

Russian Navy might have only 50 warships in 20 years

Russian Navy to exercise in North Atlantic

Frigate Hessen Successfully Completes Initial Sea Trials

HMCS Chicoutimi Board of Inquiry Re-convened

Crippled Canadian sub slips quietly into Halifax