World Naval News Archives

31 August 2004

Soviet submarine captain wins Hollywood payout

Storms stop hunt for Alligator sub

Virginia Tech submariners take top speed honors

‘Avalanche’ of Nelson letters discovered

Photo: Virginia at sunrise

Russian Pacific Fleet ships arrive in Japan

Pakistan to test navy cruise missile

USN sonar used before whales hit shore

USN fuel cell contract

More money for the Norwegian Navy

Russian Naval officer sells state secret for $1,5K

30 August 2004

Submarine sails to Arkansas after 60 years

Sevmash completes hull construction of Alexander Nevsky nuclear submarine

Hawaii Governor Signs Off on Third Virginia-class Sub

Syria celebrates Navy Day

South Korea says North's navy has an edge

USS Razorback returns to Arkansas

Lockheed Martin unmanned remote minehunting system installed

USN jet hauled out of bay

29 August 2004

Saab Bofors and the Brazilian Navy terminate torpedo project

Students build submarine to track octopuses

Two USN ships denied docking in Mumbai

Remembering a wartime tragedy

Second RN 'next generation' destroyer

Spain 'secretly backed coup by sending warships'

Photo: "Live Firing" German frigate F124 Sachsen

USN skipper loses job after collision with Iraqi boat

28 August 2004

The Arctic may be final contested frontier

Surfers claim Navy subs stir up waves

Navy commissions destroyer named for submarine hero

Israel beats German navy in sub wargame

PCU Virginia Returns From Bravo Sea Trials

Students Build Submarine to Track Octopuses

27 August 2004

Royal Navy's biggest event this weekend

CNO discusses Navy’s journey into future

Navy to Commission Destroyer Momsen

Submarine Portsmouth reaches end of its Navy service

Terrorists Eyeing Seaborne Attack on U.S.

Wartime destroyer remembered

'Lucky' Navy jet rolls into San Diego Bay

Indian Navy to get new supersonic missile

'Submarine Capital of the World' gets new sign

26 August 2004

USS Lake Erie Deploys

Photo: Virginia arrives in Norfolk

Royal Navy warship production under way

Carrier skipper sacked

Ages apart, two US subs return to Norfolk together

25 August 2004

Navy to Transfer Five Ships to Coast Guard

Thai Navy Schedules Missile Shoot

New submarine picture presents Chinese puzzle

Dmitry Donskoy sub completes 2nd phase of trials

Wartime submarine legend Bill dies at 90

Indonesian navy captures pirates in Natuna Islands

Russia's Pacific Fleet visits Japan

24 August 2004

Taiwan says China ships challenge "U.S. defence line"

Al-Queda connection to Pakistan’s nuke stealth submarine ?

Tasmanian invention to assist mine clearance

German submarine company has SA target in its sights

Philippines, Malaysia to kick off navy exercise

Australian battleship to visit Mumbai

Mcmfornorth visits Zeebruges

PO loses leg but makes a comeback that is...SUB-PERB

UK nuclear sub protest: 28 held

Australia and Singapore participate in Exercise Singaroo

23 August 2004

Video: Christening of USS Texas

Video: Submarines participate in Summer Pulse '04

Taiwan PM Says China Preparing for Confrontation With US

Al-Queda connection to Pakistan’s nuclear-armed submarines?

Japan's Plans for Naval Exercises Assailed

The Blue Space: A pedal-powered submarine

22 August 2004

Scientists seek sub that never came up

How the USS Alligator was lost

Search is on for Navy's 1st sub

Canadian submariners celebrate half-century

20 August 2004

U.K., France, Norway Order Sub Rescue System

Scientists to seek Navy sub

Sub-hunt takes warships to sea

Submarines Vital to Navy’s Fleet Response Plan

Japan to dismantle Russian submarines

19 August 2004

Subs 'Invade' Stockholm for a Naval Anniversary

Damage Control Trainer Dedicated to Submarine Hero

Romanian frigate set for sea trials

Contract awarded for next-generation Tomahawk missile

Submarine company has South Africa in its sights

18 August 2004

Fighting fit on the high seas

Military exercise to reaffirm Canada's Arctic claims

China's new missile designed to hit carriers

Submarine Force Moves Forward in Connectivity for Fleet

17 August 2004

Back to the Future: New missions for 'Torpedo Town, U.S.A.'

Guam Wants to Host US Aircraft Carrier

Navy may delay work on future carrier

U.S. denies sale of AEGIS ships to proceed soon

USS Yorktown Completes Final Deployment

16 August 2004

Viraat to be operational within 90 days

US to approve sale of Aegis ships to Taiwan

Taiwan has plan for submarines

Yu claims Taiwan saves NT$100b on U.S.-built subs

15 August 2004

Piracy in Malacca Strait down as patrols increase

U.S. leads Panama Canal security efforts

UN Wants Control Of The Seas

Taiwan Premier says China practicing for war

New Missions for 'Torpedo Town, U.S.A.'

13 August 2004

US warship's collision with dhow renews fears of suicide attacks

Hunley replica opens in SC

Virtual Hunley exhibit could hit the road

Taiwan could fend off China attack for 2 weeks

JASEX Brings Together Kitty Hawk, Stennis Strike Groups

Big E Reflects On Summer Pulse '04

Congressman critical of Bush shipbuilding plans

12 August 2004

Black Sea navies to begin exercise

Admiral supports second Pacific carrier

US Navy worries China

China could conquer Taiwan 'in five days'

S'pore ships in Australia for war games

In the Indian Navy, V stands for tradition

Russia Marks Anniversary of Kursk Sub Disaster

11 August 2004

US plans to have second aircraft carrier in Asia-Pacific region

UK, French nuclear submarines twinned

India to build aircraft carrier

India's navy touts French submarine deal

India's Naval Chief rules out move to reopen Scorpene deal

India's Navy needs more warships

10 August 2004

Twist to the tale of the powder monkey

Malacca Strait: Target for terror

China Modernizes Military for War With U.S.

09 August 2004

International Fleet Review to Mark Nelson's Greatest Victory

Victory to be set ablaze during Trafalgar anniversary

North Korea Blasts US-Japan "Joint Naval Exercise"

Trafalgar celebrations announced

HMS Victory’s magazine rewrites pages of history

Warship leaves Halifax for Arctic exercise

Pakistan Navy to get US maritime aircraft

Team to search for Navy's first sub

First Sea Lord warns about Navy cuts

7th Fleet gets new commander

A message for China in US naval deployment

06 August 2004

Collins sub proves formidable in RIMPAC

Canada sub stalls in barrow docks

US holds unprecedented seven-carrier military exercise

New al-Qaida threat: 15-ship mystery navy

Navy Investigates Warship, Boat Collision

British terrorism suspect had US Navy plans

Next Virginia-class sub to be named New Hampshire

How Russian submarine collided with iceberg

Junking Russian subs needs strict oversight

05 August 2004

Medals of dishonor

All SETT for submarine escape tank anniversary

Royal Navy chief seeks deal on cuts

UK Navy: Qaeda threat 'to blow up ships'

Virginia returns from Alpha Trials

U.S.-China tension over Taiwan grows

New threat from North Korea's sea-based missiles

U.S. Govt. Says N.Korea's Missiles Cannot Reach Mainland

Russia denies helping N.Korea develop nuclear missiles

Canada will help dismantle 3 Russian submarines

Navy to search for sunken Civil War submarine off N.C. coast

04 August 2004

Georgia navy will open fire on trespassing vessels

Royal Navy stages ceremony in Gibraltar

03 August 2004

Carrier’s run-in with dhow raises red flags

Royal Navy relies on speed to counter terrorists

Naval Reactors Chief calls Virginia's Alpha Trials a success

Submarine returns from far side of the world

N. Korea Putting Nuclear-Capable Missiles at Sea

02 August 2004

Photos: Submarine Virginia on sea trials 1, 2, 3

Virginia passes first at-sea test

USS Ticonderoga returns home for Decommissioning

Korean Navy tests ship-to-air missile

Dutch shipyard fights navy decision

North Korea deploy new sea-launched missiles

Dutch shipyard fights navy decision

SAS Outeniqua sails into the sunset

Indian Navy completes its trilogy with INS Tabar

01 August 2004

Pakistan Navy PNS Tariq arriving in Oman tomorrow

Indian Navy farwell ceremony for Adm. Madhvendra Singh. Photo: - 1 - , - 2 - , - 3 -

Historians attack Hollywood "distortions"

Photo Gallery -- Laura Bush Christens Texas Submarine

Russians invent underwater bicycle

Indian Navy chief for acquiring nuclear submarines

Malaysian Navy leaves Brunei after exercise

Photos of the new INS Tabar arriving in Bombay: - 1 - , - 2 - , - 3 -