World Naval News Archives

29 February 2004

US Navy plans a new class of destroyer

Sikorsky copters halted by US Navy

28 February 2004

Two Russian subs for China this year

Navy Cross recipient remembers sinking of Yamato

Canadian Upholder sub hit by new delays

French carrier group heading to Indian Ocean

Three convicted of RN submarinebase break-in

Indian Naval exercise concludes

Indian naval ship shoots holes into itself

US 7th fleet command ship concludes visit to Shanghai

No decision on carrier move to Hawaii

27 February 2004

Three carrier strike groups engage in nationwide virtual exercise

U.S. Carrier Fleet to Train in Gulf

Navy ships take part in virtual battles

Largest NATO ASW Exercise Kicks Off

US tech for Aussie destroyer

Indian Navy calls at Surabaya

Indian Navy to salvage sunk SLN ship

Historians may have found Darwin's ship

HMS Ark Royal visit to London

26 February 2004

"Nippon Seaman Ship, Seaman Ship, For Love...For Peace"

Ark Royal to pass flood barrier

Gaul vs RN submarine argument 'far-fetched'

In the navy - Japanese style

Active Decoy Round brings improved protection to RN

RAN MU90/MK46 torpedo trials a success

Photo: SAS Isandlwana kicks in her water-jet propulsion

Ships Participate in Multi-Battle Group In-Port Exercise

Battleship USS New Jersey awaits crowds

25 February 2004

Victorious sailors are deeply qualified

British navy sailed on sea of plum duff

Aircraft carrier exercise begins

Environmental concerns put UK's Russian sub dismantlement on hold

SA new corvette coasts into Cape Town

Australia looks to France & Spain for warships

RN warship set to sail into London

GB to give Russia loan to save submarines from sinking

UK carrier pricetag may jump by 30 pct

24 February 2004

Letter claims trawler sunk by British sub

Plans laid for historic dockyard

Movie 'Stealth' films aboard USS Carl Vinson

Australia seeking new navy craft

USN pacific ship visits Shanghai

Britain to pay for Russian submarine dismantling

HMNZS Canterbury back at sea after repairs to fire damage

RN amphibious forces head for Norway

Plans for historic Portsmouth dockyard

23 February 2004

Navy holding live-fire practice off Gulf coast

BAE remains committed to carrier contract

USN 'Ghost ship' fight threatens jobs

Fired sub skipper asks to retire

Why are so many US Navy COs getting the ax?

Eleven Tigers killed in naval battle

Kidd-class destroyers back on track for Taiwan Navy

Australia Govt Says Still Intends To Sell Submarine Corp

22 February 2004

Crew of Hunley to be buried April 17

BAE Royal Navy project threatened

21 February 2004

Military attaches from 56 countries visit Chinese warships

A woman skies past a Russian destroyer

British flagship rusting away

Leighton signs IP deal with submarine designer-industry

RN warships head for arctic circle

SEA BATTLES ON DRY LAND - Navy's new training simulator

`Castles of Steel' leaves land war in its wake

Taiwan Strait DMZ not in U.S. interests

Chinese marines show their strength

20 February 2004

Warships head for Arctic Circle

USS Cole Protects Mediterranean from Terrorists

Report says proposed ship needs more tests

Ike sailors yearn for more time at sea

2nd corvette en route to S. Africa

Photo's: JMSF Osumi heads for Iraq: -1- -2- -3-

RSN warships to get cool paint job

Japanese navy joins controversial Iraq mission

19 February 2004

Canada part of ship-intercept plan

Russian military to get new subs and missiles soon

Magnetic sub detection system for Japan and Canada

Dispute over al-Qaida's 'terrorist navy'

Trials of corvette SAS Spioenkop

Russia denies failure of missiles

NATO Photo of the Week

French mini-sub recovers Red Sea 'black box'

18 February 2004

USS Yorktown deploys as part of Expeditionary Strike Group

USS George Washington joins 5th Fleet

Keel Laid For LHD-8 Makin Island

US may supply Taiwan with Aegis missile system

Russian sub involved in failed missile launch returns to base

Naval exercises continue in the Northern Fleet

Putin says satisfied with this week's military exercises

Another Russian Missile Fails to Launch

Putin says Russia to have new weapons soon

17 February 2004

Turkey to join Dog-Fish 2004 Exercise

Russia's President witnesses stategic missile force's failure

Russia flexes military muscle

Today marks anniversary of Hunley's last mission

Ships train for new type of mission

Large-scale exercises are going on in the Barents Sea

Russian ships hit quickly and precisely in strategic exercises

Putin Observes Major Military Exercise

Vladimir Putin sails out aboard submarine

16 February 2004

New deployment plan keeps sailors guessing

Russia's President Takes a Submarine Ride

US aircraft carrier group heads into Suez Canal

Putin becomes an 'honorary submariner'

Australian Perisher graduates show prowess in European waters

Darwin's Beagle found?

Smoke on the Water

Russia to begin second phase of strategic exercise

Taiwan Navy to purchase new ASW sonar system

14 February 2004

U.S. OK to search thousands of ships

Taiwan Navy eyes Phalanx upgrade

Frigate's crew gets preview of TV drama

France to muscle defense capacities with 2nd aircraft carrier

French nuclear-powered carrier to exercise with India

Leaner battle group set for its departure

USS Yorktown to deploy with strike group

Russian warships completing their South Korean visit

13 February 2004

France and Britain to cooperate on new aircraft carriers

New budget strenghtens Navy's future

U.S. Navy Given Right to Search Liberian Ships for WMD

Former Blue Angel jet on eBay

Digital leap for Russian war film

H.L. Hunley Has A New Home

Russian Navy salutes its own with help from South Korea

Family of submariners secure unique record

USS Enterprise Begins Operations with U.S. 6th Fleet

12 February 2004

Top talent shines in submarine flic

Iraq's "new look" navy

Congress Finds A New Role For Submarine

HSV Swift Shows Its Stuff

Aircraft carrier deal will help heal Anglo-French rift

India's only aircraft carrier under repair

US 7th Fleet flagship to visit China

Monitor's propellor restoration complete

The Mysteries of War

UK fears ship 'Laden' with explosives

11 February 2004

Admiral: P-3s play key role in Iraq

Diplomatic row theatens Dutch navy ship export

CNO Says FY05 Budget Will Accelerate Navy's Advantages

Ukraine to take part in naval exercise

FUTURE IS SWIFT: Ship being tested as new command and control vessel

New ship sails through Navy’s early testing

Wasp Strike Group to Deploy

Russian armed forces continuing command and staff drill

India and Russia to induct BrahMos missile


10 February 2004

Victims of Great War submarine tragedy are remembered

Australia wins ASW trophy

Navy accident anniversary looms

Russian navy to think smaller

Inconclusive sonar report fans debate

Russian naval squadron to take part in wreathlaying ceremony

09 February 2004

Indian Navy to induct Brahmos by end 2005

Indian Navy wants 36 diesel subs, Russia ready to give 30

U.S. warships pinching Persian Gulf drug trade

Israel to discuss new subs with Germany

Navy to probe explosion on INS Agray

Fears that NATO sonar exercise will harm whales

Navy's stealth warship signals a dramatic shift in design

Moscow marks 100 years since Varyag cruiser feat

07 February 2004

Gorshkov to fill `critical void'

Damaged ship being towed to dockyard

Singapore subs all home

Teams stand by to raise the 'Graf Spee'

Sixth Fleet may move to Spain

Submarine to join Wasp strike group

Indian navy ship damaged in war games accident

USS Toledo - Exclusive videos

Two more submarines arrive in Singapore from Sweden

06 February 2004

Gibraltar nerve-racking for Gulf-bound ships

Soviet sub hit by torpedo in UK wargames

Indian Navy ship damaged during exercises

Adm. Thomas Moorer Dies

Formidable tale of disaster at sea

SLAM-ER Enhances U.S. Navy P-3C Fleet

Photo: USS Michigan begins SSGN conversion

HMS Triumph prepares for refit

'Unsinkable aircraft carrier' steams to Iraq

$25M effort launched to get submarine

05 February 2004

Spy drone to scout Canadian waters

Top admiral urges 'maritime NORAD' for security on seas

Australian Navy shifts from battles to piracy

President Submits Navy Budget for '05

Britain should recognise status of Navy, says top sailor

Submarine to be used in new naval warfare strategy

Russo-Indian “BraMos” missile proves its effectiveness

Museum looks at naval aspects of Civil War

Navy ships named for African-Americans

04 February 2004

Budget Request Would Help Fund New Aircraft Carriers

USS Michigan enters shipyard for SSGN conversion

HMS Richmond, star of new TV series, sails in

'Indian Navy going for blue water capability'

Missile corvette INS Karmuk commissioned

Recovery project for sunken WWII battleship begins

Russia to conduct first big military exercise in 25 years

Russia to Test Nuclear Forces, Fire Missiles in War Games

03 February 2004

Toxic drinking water found on Collins subs

Irish Navy Hunts U-Boat's Gold Stash

Shipbuilder looks overseas for new business

Bush budget forecasts dramatic growth in Navy

Multi-Year Virginia Class Submarine Contract Saves Navy Money

Baltic may be undersea treasure trove

Graf Spee to rise from her grave

Russian ships commemorate 1905 war with Japan

Russia No Longer Needs Aircraft-Carriers

2005 defense budget plan unveiled

02 February 2004

Electronic charts map the way ahead

Italy launches first fuel cell submarine

Sonar sparks a whale of a debate

Malaysia builds naval base for submarines, boosts sea security

01 February 2004

Submariner Trains To Head For The Stars

Pearl Harbor frigate upgrades armaments

Finally, PSNS might get to put a sub back together

Work on Malaysia's first submarine base delayed a year