World Naval News Archives

30 November 2003

Surface Strike Group Deploys to Mediterranean

Navy's presence in Europe to change, says Navy Secretary

India's Navy Chief hails joint exercise with China

USS Cole embarks on first overseas voyage since 2000 suicide attack

Out of the Shadows -- a Tool for Testing Advanced Technologies at Sea

USS Hornet displays torpedo bomber

Iran to deploy a domestically made submarine

Pak. to commission second French sub on Dec. 12

Marines team up with Navy firepower

29 November 2003

Georgia taps into sunken history

St. Petersburg's Submariners Club celebrates its ninth anniversary

28 November 2003

Iran's Navy maintains strong presence

Captain Aubrey is no fiction: he's part of our living history

Talks for Gorshkov to be completed soon

Upholder sub hit by problems

Radio silence puts subs on nuclear alert

Russia to get help in dismantling nuclear subs

Piracy on the High Seas

27 November 2003

Falklands memorial is restored

Seawolf returns in time for the holidays

Sub Texas gets new top officer

The K-219 tragedy: The Politburo and its classified games

Official wants end to U.S., Russian cat-and-mouse submarine games

26 November 2003

Popeye Turbo

25 November 2003

Israel offered Aegis ships

North Korea berates South for firing warning shots

Agosta submarine commissioning on December 12

RN's Biggest Warships to Be Named after Queen and Prince

Indian Navy to acquire Russian Aircraft Carrier "Gorshkov"

USS Cole ready to deploy again

Extreme water sports

24 November 2003

5th Fleet Mine Hunters Test Unmanned Vehicles in Arabian Gulf

'Aegis Option' for Missile Defense

Selling the benefits of Aussie subs

Corsica nuke alert over grounded US sub

Russian sub "Shark" to be salvaged

Bataan Serves as Temporary Osprey Nest

Texas battles for aircraft carrier

China's navy floats a warning to Taiwan

South Korean navy fires warning shots at North Korean patrol boat

Many Britons 'ignorant about the Royal Navy'

Battleship upgrades near done

Underwater gliders take flight

Australia hosts anti-sub war games

Submarine crew back from Iraq

23 November 2003

Gorshkov Deal To Be Inked On Nov 27


A Salute to Officers of the USS Barb

Frigate's skipper relieved after buoy collision

Sea more about Horatio Hornblower

A Half Century Later, They Still Wear Their Dolphins

Navy ship ends Vietnam visit

India tests cruise missile

Taiwan premier on plan to build subs

Men of War

22 November 2003

Portugal favours Germany's HDW for submarine order

Excavation H.L. Hunley complete

Photo: LPD Hr.Ms. Rotterdam

Maritime terror now prime concern

Nigerian Navy rescues hostages

Sail of the century

UN Liberia force prepares for beach landings

HMCS Calgary returns home

Russia promoting guided missile boat

21 November 2003

Marine colonel takes charge of Navy strike group

Women at sea: 25 years and still going strong

New NATO strike force debuts

Indo-US commando exercises on horizon

Indian Navy to hold joint exercises with US Seals

7th Fleet ships in missile exercise

Freundschaft auf hoher See

20 November 2003

Germany hesitating on sub sale to Israel

India to announce Gorshkov deal next week

New submarine training agreement signed

High Speed Vessel SWIFT Joins Navy Starting Rotation

Taiwan's submarine saga continues

CHINA'S submarine poses no threat to Japan

HMCS Toronto to deploy for op Altair

Dutch Navy ship to support peacekeepers

PLA Navy ships bring friendship to Guam

USN pays historic visit to Vietnam

19 November 2003

Oops! Cannons aboard museum ship found to be loaded

Dutch Navy ship off Liberia

Photos: USS Vandegrift visits Vietnam -1- , -2- , -3- , -4- , -5-

Photo: Indonesian navy sinks fishing boat

Germany mulls Israeli request for more Dolphins

Minatom releases sub decommissioning figures

What does Taiwan want from sub deal?

U.S. warship docks in Vietnam

Bid to find wreck of HMAS Sydney

USN spacecraft being prepped

Answers to 1944 USN bomber crash

French Marne visits Sri Lanka

India desperately seeking Gorshkov

18 November 2003

DAMAGED US submarine heads to Norfolk for repairs

New high tech, high-speed ship saw action in Iraq War

US to exorcise Vietnam War demons with warship visit

RN sub dismantling under fire

Indo-China exercises: Unlikely mates

People's Daily: China's submarine poses no threat to Japan

Taiwan protests at criticism over submarine deal

WWII journalist's final voyage from Malta

Taiwan's MOD defends submarine plans

Indonesian Navy to build security posts in Maluku

Secret life of UK nuclear expert

Anti-radiation pills for Highlanders

Talks on RN subs dismantling

17 November 2003

Rumsfeld defends use of sonar to Okinawans

Green row over RN ship scrapping

Indian Scorpene deal may fall through

Taiwan needs 16 subs, not 8

USN carrier approved for foundering

Warship bar tests Beijing bonhomie

? The Swiss at sea ?

Terror at sea

16 November 2003

Destroyer Radford set to return to service after 30 years

Wargames for the Rest of the Troops

Sub Commanders Who Fought In Iraq Receive Bronze Stars

Springfield Returns From Mediterranean

The Big Tuneup: The USS Augusta Heads To The Shipyard

Thailand to investigate Indonesian navy's sinking of fishing ship

15 November 2003

Submarine to take final dive

Deal for Russian aircraft-carrier may be signed soon

Paul Hamilton Conducts Exercises with Russian Navy Ships

USS Hartford Gets New Skipper After Grounding

Mystery Chinese ships investigated

Korean warships to visit RI

'Piratical' reporter's death on WWII sub confirmed

Movie trailer: Master and Commander

Indonesian navy finds wartime mine

U.S. warship will visit Vietnam

Mcmfornorth visits Zeebrugge

UK reef ship arrives in Plymouth

China, India joint naval exercise

Greatest threat at sea?

14 November 2003

Enterprise Strike Group Projects Naval Power Across 5th Fleet

Interview with Eastern Commander of Indian Navy

MoD reviews capacity to meet demand from navy

Coffin dreams, 600 feet under

PLAN 035 subs get new electronics

USN tests leased catamaran

Indonesian Navy sinks fishing boat

RSN new frigate to be launched in Jan

2nd USN ship arrives in UK for scrapping

India and China make naval history

U-505 needs donations

U-505 to move indoors

S-African sub laid down

13 November 2003

Italy furious after US Navy tried to cover up sub accident

Catastrophe of K-219 Submarine

Slide show: Toxic Ghost Fleet

Movie review: Master and Commander....

ROK launches `stealth' destroyer

Toxic US 'ghost ship' arrives in UK

Wandering aged French carrier towed home

12 November 2003



Navy details grounding of U.S. nuclear submarine off Sardinia

Prestigious award for beleaguered helicopter crew

Harriers battle over deserts of Nevada

Multiwarhead Tomahawk Could Strike Many Targets

Frigates to ditch outdated Mark 13 missile launchers

'Silent service' surfaces for veterans' parade

USS Hartford captain removed from duty

Portugese Navy forces US ghost fleet out of their waters

On board INS Akshat, war is as real as it gets

Naval market a magnet for globalisation

Japan spots Chinese sub off coast

Stealth ships to form core of Singapore Navy

S-Korea launches new destroyer

Spanish approve new sub program

11 November 2003

Taiwan still determined to buy subs

History: Capture of the U-505

History: Serving the US from the depths

Naval ship spending to increase in Asia Pacific

USS Rodney M. Davis home at last

10 November 2003

Marine life, national security at issue as USN trains with new sonar system

History: The Milwaukee story

US to sweeten Taiwan sub deal

Shipwreck of USN boat discovered

USS Hartford captain, commander removed from duty

History: Aboard a carrier hit by kamikazes

Toxic ships now in the Channel

Taiwan may scrap purchase of US subs

Two Tiger boats sunk

RAN ship in wharf accident

Indian warships arrive in China

India-China naval exercises soon

09 November 2003

Gorshkov focus of Indian defense secretary's Russia tour


MU90 torpedo the most sophisticated of its type

Enterprise Strike Group Patrols 5th Fleet Waters

It’s a gas for HMAS Newcastle in Gulf

Australian Navy's FFG upgrade underway

U.S. Navy’s First Warfare-Qualified Woman Promoted to Admiral

Deyo Decommissioned After 23 Years

08 November 2003

Pearl Harbor submarines in joint naval exercise

Welcome to the world's most modern warship

US 'Ghost ships' to dock on Teesside

Pak Navy ships visit Bangladesh

US 'Ghost ships' expected in Channel tomorrow

Protecting whales from US sonar

HMCS Huron mothballed

Did journalist sail with doomed RN sub?

Navy to use more simulation training

India, China to join hands at sea

Wider use of Navy sonar approved by House

Texas submarine a milestone for Northrop Grumman

07 November 2003

Japan begins major naval exercise with U.S.

China, India take small step to normal ties with joint naval moves

Australia unveils 10-year plan to upgrade defence fleet

Australia's navy will get the ships for large operations abroad

Dutch LPD departs for Liberia

Amatola steers SAN into technology age

Q&A: USN Ghost ships

JMSDF to exercise with USN

UK Nigg subs bid withdrawn

UK yard could get more N-subs

Hague raps US for Navy's oil rig attacks

Controversial U-boat play to be staged

History: The Indian Navy

Indian underwater designs

Drug smugglers foiled by RN

06 November 2003

Confusion in Britain over US Navy ships

Warning over nuclear subs


China-India ties thaw with first ever joint naval exercises

Nuclear sub dump fears for British port

U.S. Navy Awards Littoral Combat Ship Design Contracts

Weapons systems transfer to Taiwan's frigates

Pittsburgh crew conducts Tomahawk test

Sub USS Hartford Headed Home Early In Wake Of Grounding

05 November 2003

India, China to hold joint naval exercises

Indian Navy to hold joint exercise with China

Russian Sailors Enjoy Pearl Harbor’s ‘Spirit of Aloha’

Navy's Last Carrier Group Heads Home

To come unseen: special forces delivery from submarines

04 November 2003

Tackling Terrorism on the High Seas

Vietnam protests Taiwan action over Spratlys

Terrorist drill covers sea

South Africa's new corvette arrives

Indian and British navies to hold joint exercise

Submarine building bid falters

India's underwater designs

The American Shkval: Lockheed Martin's Supercavitating Torpedo (free registration required)

03 November 2003

Taiwan opposition accuse US of inflating submarine prices

More maritime terror warnings

India, Israel move toward nuke sub partnership

Taiwan's Speaker reaffirms resolution on subs

New “Scorpone” submarine for Chile

Filmaker inspired by U-boat landing legend

02 November 2003

Photo: 1st Chilenean Scorpene sub christened

The Mystery In The Race

US 'Ghost ships' still heading for UK

Canadian sailors heading home

Chinese fleet visit heart of US forces in the Pacific

USS Lincoln's crew reflects on war

01 November 2003

Russian Pacific fleet ships complete Hawaii visit

India's Sukoi-30MKI set for maritime role

US Navy keen on return to Australia

Taiwan company reiterates capability to build diesel submarines

RN cockleshell heroes

China Shipbuilding looks beyond subs

Blue whale down

Strike may halt Aussie sub production

HMAS Darwin docks at Port Adelaide