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31 October 2003

The mysteries of the deep

American pilots rescued by Russians

Historical Center Posts "Guide to U.S. Naval History" On Web

British nix US 'Ghost Fleet' dismantling

USN plays part in Jap. disaster drill

Raising of K-159 financed

Robotic Subs and Mini-Torpedoes

125-year-old HMS Gannet refloated

North Korea denies maritime border violation

U.S. Denounced for Its Ill-boding Military Moves

MiG-29 dispute holds up Gorshkov deal

Subs for Taiwan to cost about $10 billion, US says

US warship to make historic port call in Vietnam

Chinese fleet's first visit to Guam

U.S. wants Taiwan not to build subs

Taiwan insists on technology transfer in submarine deal

30 October 2003

South Korea on alert for possible Al Qaeda ship

PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH - U.S. Need for Naval Power Will Not Diminish

The Chinese Navy and its many friends

World interested in Russia's unique submarine technology

Piracy on the increase

Did Noah sail a wooden submarine?

USN frigate will visit Vietnam

Canadian Sea King fleet grounded

Navy Foundation Publishes New Coffeetable History

Chinese warships to call on Borneo

Damage to USS Hartford assessed after sub is grounded

S-K navy ship fires at N-K boat

New sonar for Collins subs

Big mess at Scottish naval base

Austr. subs get electronics upgrade

29 October 2003

Army on tap to get fast new ship

USS Columbus Deploys with New Technology Fire Control Equipment

Imandra defuels russian Charlie II sub

US Coats Guard boards MV Esperanza

Navy may deploy groups for shorter spans

A porous Can. coastal defence

India tests anti-ship missile

Britain keeps Russian subs afloat

India wants fleet of 200

28 October 2003

Australia seeks giant warship

U.S. Reckless Blockade against DPRK under Fire

U.S. eyes pacts to allow more vessel inspections

India to acquire three aircraft carriers

Civilians get close-up look at visiting Russian destroyer

Maritime interdiction exercise successful in Med

Photo: US carrier in front of wildfire

US sub inspected after grounding

Indonesian Navy releases hostages

The mysteries of the deep

Miami turns away Greenpeace ship

French Navy ship visits Brunei

Kenya Navy hunts for runaway ship

Indian navy ships visit Malaysia

Orbituary: RN V.A. Sir Peter Berger

Photo's: HMAS Manoora sails home

Brisk start for HMS Severn

JMSDF ship leaves for Arabian Sea

RN Type 45 destroyer production started

Russia allocated $4.2m to raise K-159

Navy's Top Officer Calls For A Global Naval Force

Bush Sr. nearly eaten by Japanese cannibals - Pravda

27 October 2003

Yellow Sea fishermen take to sea against Chinese

Not your father's Nimitz

Navy's tough choices in replacing an aging fleet

Russian TV refuses Kursk film

Photo's: Jap. fleet show: -1- , -2- , -3- , -4- , -5- , -6- , -7-

HMS Endurance: Furthest South

HMAS Melbourne to the Gulf

INS Chatak to become tourist attraction

U.S. Navy team in Taiwan

26 October 2003

U.S. Navy's 'Fleet Response Plan' Charts Course

Navy experimenting with new deployment practices

US naval officers in Taiwan over submarine deal

World War II submarine vets seek name on bridge

'The Bounty': Fletcher Christian was the villain

25 October 2003

Cyclones, Firebolt and the Persian Gulf Pirates

Photo: Russia's 'Marshal Shaposhnikov' arrives in Pearl Harbor


North Korea test fires another anti-ship missile

Indon Navy to have locally built subs, corvettes in 2005

Superconducting ship motor passes first test

Thailand wants subs and a training ship

Civil crew to deliver Russian nuke sub for dismantling

Sunken US mystery vessels launch plenty of theories

Submariners roast inside HMCS Victoria

Photo: Russian destroyer visits Pearl Harbor

24 October 2003

Bronze Star Awarded to Four Pacific Submarine Commanders

Five sub COs in 'Lant receive Bronze Star medals

Photos: Last voyage of French carrier Clemenceau

Russian battle ships visit Hawaii

Scrap dispute strands French aircraft-carrier

USN officer to discuss submarine sale in Taipei

North Korea's missile shots

No action over RN sub crash

Faulty cooler left RCN sub sweltering

British nukes with nowhere to go

Indonesian Navy to merge fleets

Smugglers use tankers to steal Nigerian oil

Pay $850,000, own a submarine

Australian navy visits Vietnam

Chinese navy visits Guam

NATO warships visit Lithuania

23 October 2003

Russian naval base fires irradiated workers

Last Carrier Strike Group Returns Home

Submariners roast inside HMCS Victoria

‘Military Need’ Will Govern Navy Carriers’ Size

LA-Class Sub Launches Tomahawk in East Coast Test

Famous Confederate Ironclad’s Cannon Now on Public Display

Photos: China's newest warships

Photos: China/Pakistan naval exercise

Nigerian Navy intercepts 15 ships

Alleged USS Liberty cover-up

Clyde navy base gets a facelift

Mussels 'attack' sub HMCS Corner Brook

Keel laid for sub HMS Ambush

HMAS Canberra rotates through Relex II

New plans for UK sub waste

22 October 2003

Photo: Pakistan-China naval exercise "Dolphin 0310"

Joint Pakistan-China naval operation held in East China Sea

Second keel laid in £3.6bn submarine build

Dutch navy's cruise missile plans in doubt

ESG 1 Joins Coalition Maritime Interception Effort

USS Nebraska Slated for Homeport Change

Mysterious Graves Shed Light on Dangers Faced by 19th Century Sailors

CIA Accused of sinking Rauma-Repola Oceanics

Norway helps Russia with Sub decommissioning

Controversial Norwegian sub contract with Israel

USN halts plans to send ‘toxic’ ships to UK

New UK plans for storing sub reactors

Indian warships visit Muara

Chinese navy ships visit Guam

21 October 2003

China and Pakistan navies holding 3-day exercise off Shanghai

First China-Pak naval exercises begin

Five sub captains awarded Bronze Star

N. Korea retests 100-mile-range cruise missile

Firm leads film crew to WWII U-boat

Indian navy ships visit Brunei

Swedish Navy start salvage of spy-plane

Monitors in hot water over Sri Lankan Navy

Rebuilding an Iraqi navy

Dutch Minister insists Navy Airbase must close

HMS Enterprise commissioned

USS Constitution Museum Awarded Nation's Highest Honor

Battle of Trafalgar remembered

Navy chief accepts blame for blunders

Israel denies adding nuclear warheads to submarine-launched missiles

20 October 2003

India to test nuclear sub reactor

Exercise scenario not far-fetched

Dead in the water

North Korea test fires anti-ship missile

Slide show of Russian sub K-159 before it sank

K-159 doomed by expectations of Western funding

Israel denies adding nuclear warheads to Harpoon missiles

What al-Qaida could do with 'terror navy'

Nukes, subs, and (not so) black ops

Unusual medal ceremony planned

Talks seek to break nuclear sub deadlock

19 October 2003

Navy moving Trident sub to Pacific

Ministry agonises over fate of nuclear subs

Multiwarhead Tomahawk Could Strike Many Targets

First China-Pak naval exercise to begin next week

Sub Force Commander: Spirit of John Paul Jones survives

Is Trident still relevant?

New mission for old subs

17 October 2003

Taiwan Navy will regroup when Kidds arrive

Greenpeace denied docking rights at Miami

NATO forces storm ashore in Scotland

The True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty

NAVAIR Supports New Russian Aerospace Technology

French LPD SIROCO will visit Ghana.

Navy Commissions New Guided Missile Destroyer

Egypt expands its navy

South Africa turns to India to modernise its navy

Sri Lankan navy detains 39 Indian fishermen

Photo: USS Preble fires SM2 missile

USN Admiral visits Pakistan naval hqrs

Defense minister wanrs subs to be built in Taiwan

Taiwan seeks US technology transfer in submarine deal

Reparations sought for faulty torpedoes

US Navy has good news for marine life

US urges Taiwan to beef up its defense

EU sues Britain on nuke sub waste

Defense minister stands behind Navy performance in exercise

Defense minister pushes for subs to be built in Taiwan

Concern over US nuclear submarines

16 October 2003

Multinational Sea Inspection Exercise Flayed

Harpoon missile story said politically motivated

Last of the Upholders converted for Royal Canadian Navy

FRP keeping the Navy flexible

Israeli nukes on German-built subs?

Taiwan seeks US technology transfer in sub deal

Bangladesh Navy should shift vessels

RN carrier set for Hollywood role

NZ Navy frigate damaged in fire

USS Topeka's severing of cable under investigation

Part II: US offiucer in Netherlands Submarine Command Course

Finnish Navy wasted 16 million on hovercraft

Aus. submarine corp. awarded refit deal

Photo: Russian Typhoon/Akula

EDO wins US submarine sonar contract

15 October 2003

Nato launches new strike force

High seas robbery

Navy relieved as torpedo hits target

Groton Sub Base In Good Shape To Survive Cuts

Russian sub launches ballistic missile

Negotiations on INS carrier Gorshkov almost complete

Nato launches new strike force

Fleetweek San Diego

India must have capability for naval presence in S-Asia

Germany signs off on €300M to clean up Sayda Bay

USN submarine accidentally releases barge

New helicopters finally delivered to RAN

Mexican Navy orders Panther helicopters

Invincible takes over as RN Fleet Flagship

Old nuclear subs don't fade away either

French La Glorieuse visits Auckland

14 October 2003

Terror attacks feared on sea oil rigs

Submarine Museum celebrates 40th birthday

Taiwan Navy to conduct new round of exercises

Photo 1: Taiwan Mk48 torpedo exercise

Photo 2: Taiwan Mk48 torpedo exercise

Epidemic on UK nuclear sub

India must have capability for naval presence in S Asia: Navy chief

Gorshkov deal nearly done

Navy to limit use of its low-frequency sonar

13 October 2003

Typhoon class sub repairs completed

Chinese war games to face Taiwan again

Pakistan, China to hold joint naval exercises

Terror Poses 'Massive' Risk at Sea - UK

Royal Navy's carrier plans 'on target'

International hunt continues for Osama's 15-ship 'navy'

US says it supplied Israel with missiles for subs

Officer blamed for sinking sub

Navy begins investigation into sub incident

Faulty kit blamed for sub sinking

12 October 2003

Experts dismiss report of Israeli nuclear-armed subs

'Cost cutting has hit RN's new ships'


Row over Brit nuke sub in Gibraltar

A course in Navy terminology

UNITAS exercise in South Atlantic

Difficult choices in future for Navy

Submarine severs oil barge's tow line

U.S. will make Vietnam port call

11 October 2003

Lockheed-Martin Awarded Contract For Sea-Based Missile Defense

CNO Sends Birthday Message to Navy

Coalition Ships Seize Illegal Iraqi Oil

CNO Says Combat Operations Lay Foundation for Future Navy

Vinson's Overhaul Delayed

Navy gets lion's share of Taiwan arms budget

Achieving skill in building subs a great honor

Israel adds nukes to subs

10 October 2003

Russian warships to visit Hawaii

Slippery Subs

US officer passes the Netherlands Submarine Command Course

Report: Fire on board the HNoMS Orkla 19-Nov-2002

Russian pacific fleet ships to visit to Hawaii

Science plans 'non-stick' submarine

Pakistan: Achieving skill in building submarine great honour

The next revolution at sea

New sonar processing system for Australian Collins class

Int. Lithuanian exercise Amber Sea

US impressed by CSC sub project

Japan helps dismantling nuke sub

Indo-US naval exercises ends

Navy sonar is fatal to whales

Cancer pills for schools near nuclear submarine

Viking project enters next phase

09 October 2003

Germany to help Russia dispose of 120 nuclear subs

Missions may determine length of ship deployments

Delta-I arrives at Severodvinsk for dismantling

Indo-U.S. naval 'bonding' off Kochi

Admiral: No plans to relocate carrier - Pacific strategy still open

Israel-built ship joins Indian Navy

Latest Taiwan torpedo launches a success

WW2 Sub Headed to Arkansas

Cancer pills for schools near nuclear submarine

08 October 2003

U.S. Navy will be having a ball in the Pacific this weekend

Sonar whale deaths linked to the bends

Scientists split over regulations on sonar use

Joint Indo-US Naval exercises end

U.S. Navy to remain in Bahrain desite unrest

Sub purchase boosts morale at Electric Boat

07 October 2003

North Korea Demands US BAck Off Military Pressure

Navy Completes Key Design Reviews on DD(X) Program

Lockheed Martin Opens LCS Concept and Development Center

US Navy celebrates 228th birthday

U.S. impressed by Taiwan submarine project

Russian shipyard completes construction on new, fourth generation submarine

Indo-US Joint naval exercise off Kochi coast begins

06 October 2003

North Korea criticizes United States for aircraft carrier plan

Indo-US Naval exercises commence

05 October 2003

Coalition naval presence in Arabian Gulf to remain strong

Air Independent Power Plants Threaten SSNs

Excavation of H. L. Hunley Ballast Tanks To Begin

Veterans gather to honor the battleship Texas

Diesel subs surface as a new threat

Canadian Navy welcomes new sub

US-India 'Malabar' exercise begins today

USS Dallas skipper kept sub's crews on toes

04 October 2003

Expert condemns ‘scary’ plans for nuclear sub storage

Hunley team hopes final dig divulges clues

Australian Navy's newest ship commissioned

USS Pasadena to participate in joint US-Indo naval exercise

03 October 2003

Largest ever Indo-US naval exercise starts Monday

Photo: Norwegian sub in NATO exercise Odin-One

Navy celebrating 228 years

Enterprise battlegroup drills in virtual war before deploying

'Sea Blade' too gay for Navy ship name

Taiwan to retire its older destroyers

Kentucky's museum sub gets OK in defense bill

Submarine sail vandalized

02 October 2003

US 7th Fleet Cmdr arrives at Kamchatka Thursday

Admiral wants uniforms seen in public

Navy to evaluate Hawaii as potential base for new nuclear aircraft carrier

Change of Command for USS Connecticut

Bush signs-off on nuke sub for Kentucky

Gordon England sworn in as 73rd Secretary of the Navy

US Navy has fewest ships since before World War I

Coalition Forces Target Oil Smugglers

US Pacific Fleet commander debating aircraft carrier locations

01 October 2003

German navy patrols Strait of Gibraltar for terrorists

Royal Navy Submarine Begins Trials After Refit

Navy may move aircraft carrier closer to North Korea

Taiwan navy commissions 'stealth' missile boat

New flag flutters in Royal Navy logo

Nuclear sub disposal plan ditched

S.C. nixes honor for Hunley sailors

Netherlands weighs downsizing Navy

USS Jimmy Carter replica docks in Plains

Russian Pacific Fleet welcomes visiting Yanks