World Naval News Archives

30 April 2003

Kitty Hawk Celebrates More Than 4 Decades of Service

Wreath Laying Honors Submariners Lost at Sea

Russia's Arabian Sea exercises to start soon

Two Type 42 destroyers are back at sea after long lay-of

Sunken Confederate warship Virginia possibly found

Monitoring 1860s High Tech

29 April 2003

Navy's First Tomahawk Shooter of Operation Iraqi Freedom Returns to Pearl Harbor

Destroyers Complete First Crew Swap

India's Navy builds case for another two aircraft carriers

Submarine-launched UAV idea revived

28 April 2003

North Korea faces naval blockade over nuclear arms

Hunt on for missing sub

Russians 'expel US spy sub'

Indo-French submarine deal could be cut this summer

Patrol boats guard passage to Iraq

U-boat sailor remembers

27 April 2003

Tribute to submariners

A search for truth below the surface

26 April 2003

Navy warriors helped seize oil platforms, port

Navy Archivist Solves 57 Year Old Mystery

The Hunt For Red October: Special Edition

New Navy destroyer delivered ahead of schedule

Deployment Provides Clean Slate For Ship Planning

Pacific ships can afford little downtime

CDs May Soon Replace Paper Navigation Charts On Subs

25 April 2003

Navy Watches Cost Hikes In Sub Program

US Navy Tests Controlling Unmanned Aerial Vehicles from Submarines

Ecstatic crowd welcomes attack sub home

Newly upgraded Typhoon to be fuelled shortly

Sub sales at heart of French defence minister's India trip

24 April 2003

USNS Guadalupe Replenishes Subs at Sea

Navy sets sights on hybrid airship

Forensic expert to share clues preserved on Confederate sub

23 April 2003

Dutch frigate offers a glimpse into the future

French Team in India to Discuss Sub Deal

Navy dubs ship USS Green Bay

Navy Sending USS Harry S. Truman Battle Group Home

Submarine San Juan Returning Home From Extended Deployment

Drunken sailors attempt to walk onto submarine

Taiwan denies reports of rift with U.S. over subs

22 April 2003

RN Harrier aces take on French ‘attackers’

First Navy Aircraft Lands at Baghdad International

Taiwan pinching pennies to save Kidds

Shipbuilders upset that Pentagon may buy foreign goods

A Cuddlier, Cuter Version of Navy Seals

21 April 2003

IBM lands submarine supply chain deal

SAS, Navy storm N. Korean 'heroin ship'

Shrinking submarine fleet to make way for 'digital' arsenal'

French Naval vessel arrives in India

India, Oman naval exercises begin tomorrow

Vinson may stay in Far East after Kitty Hawk's return

Taiwan submarine deal stalled over high US fees

20 April 2003

Presidential Yacht Sailors Reunite with Historic Ship

India trials stealth frigate

Warning on UK subs work

19 April 2003

Distress beacon leads would-be rescuers to unlikely ''victim''

Pravda: First Unloading of Spent Fuel From Submarine Done

18 April 2003

Villain turns to hero in Navy drama

Submarine built for (human) speed

India launches its first indigenous, missile-carrying, stealth frigate


17 April 2003

Aging `Sea Lion' sets new world record for subs

SUBVETS celebrate Submarine Force birthday, honor USS Thresher crew

Second U.S. Aircraft Carrier Leaves Gulf

Public Flips Over Anti-Mine Dolphins

Navy Destroyers Swap Crews

Ship's bridge comes to desktop

Navy Museum Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Russian sub has wrong profile for museum

16 April 2003

Canadian destroyer loses torpedo - by accident

UK Sub returns after record mission

Daring to Dream

Sub returns to hero's welcome

Russian warships won’t budge from Red Sea so soon

Will there be a Marshall Plan for Iraq?

15 April 2003

Photos: The submarine Boise is home from the war

Constellation prepares to sail home, into history

Russia overhauls first major warship since fall of USSR

India's stealth warship to be launched on Friday

USS Seawolf undergoes $7 million repair job

USS Toledo returning home after Mideast duty

USS Boise back from war

14 April 2003

Nuclear sub stirs Aussie protesters

Success across the board – but the beat goes on

Navy cries foul over bid to build new subs

Two Navy Battle Groups to leave War Zone

Submarine USS Honolulu returns home after eight months

New Arleigh Burke destroyer is third USS Mason

Bushnell's submarine "Turtle" lives again

13 April 2003

Memorial honors submariners

Sub Vets Mark Service's 103rd Year

Submarines' Launch Capabilities Critical To Strike Warfare

Subs: Tools Of The New War

Indian navy to hold exercises with Oman, US, Russia

USS Mason gets commission

Underwater Archeologists Complete Normandy Landings Survey

Thresher Remembered at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

12 April 2003

Navy May Send Battle Groups Home


Dolphins in gulf not by fluke

EB Ready To Sign UK Sub Pact

Navigating Sub Ports, Without Leaving Home

Town's twin sub rejoins the Fleet with Tomahawks

Bell tolls for lost subs

11 April 2003

Alert for ‘Iraqi tankers’ off Crete

Suspects in USS Cole bombing escape

Navy to Commission New Guided-Missile Destroyer Mason

South Korea Launches Stealth Warship

US sponsored defueling site approved for operation in Severodvinsk

Saddam Hussein's submarine escape plan

The News We Kept to Ourselves

Arab News Gets It Right

10 April 2003

Remembering the Thresher

Twisted hulk is Saddam's testament

Indian, Russian navies plan war games

MiG-29K Chosen for Russia's Gorshkov

Lone U.S. aircraft carrier watches over North Korea

USS Lincoln Heads Home

Submarine Safety Program part of Thresher's Legacy

Far-fetched Theories on Thresher Persist 40 Years Later

09 April 2003

40 years later, it's important to remember USS Thresher

India finalising French sub deal

BBC hits back at Ark Royal reports

08 April 2003

Greenpeace 'clowns' spoil family farewells

Iron Duke’s influence spans the Atlantic

Tactical Tomahawk Stretches Its Legs

US team to work on Brit submarine order

Russian Black Sea Fleet warships leave for Indian Ocean

Navy in talks on Virginia subs

The new fuel cell submarine U31

'Angry' Ark Royal crew switch off BBC

07 April 2003

In watery hideouts, subs play valuable role

Russian ships set sail for naval exercises

India needs 3 more aircraft carriers: Navy chief

Silent, deadly fuel-cell sub makes maiden voyage

USS Albacore tuns 50

The Navy's Dolphin-Safe Program

06 April 2003

Ceremony marks tragic demise of the Thresher

U.S.-Led Forces Seize Iraqi Minelayer, Track Another

Norwegian naval vessels to the Mediterranean

Russian ships headed for Gulf region

Work starts on Royal Navy's new destroyers

Navy takes new destroyer Mustin

No new Tomahawks planned for a year

Home found for "enigmatic" U-boat relic

04 April 2003

Missile scare for Navy aircrew prowling Baghdad's skies

Bittersweet day at Navy shipyard

U.S. depletion of Tomahawk missiles raises concerns

U.S. Navy hunts two Iraqi minelayers in Gulf

USS Toledo called up to the Big Time

To crew, USS Constellation is 'Core' attraction

Hot Waste from UK Subs Draws Legal Threat

Saddam vs. Mother Earth: Allied fleet ready for Gulf War replay

03 April 2003

U.S. Senate honors sinking of Thresher

Meet The 'Stars' Of The USS Providence

Navy uncovers chemical plot

Navy to buy 2,194 new Tomahawks

Canadian navy not looking for Iraqi fugitives, says minister

Navy's new ship can go where others can't

Lumber ship had exciting job fighting U-boats

The dolphin who refused to fight

02 April 2003

This time, the Navy is everywhere

Russia to hold naval exercises in Indian Ocean in May

Navy Pilots Talk About Parachuting Into Iraq

Two-thirds of Navy's Tomahawks have been used

More Cruise-Missile Ships Arrive

Talks Held to Produce More Tomahawks

Top submarine sailor is a woman

Admiral satisfied Saddam's yacht won't need bombing a third time

01 April 2003

War Shows Submarines' Flexibility and Capabilities

Navy's Tomahawk supply dips

Navy seeks cash for more Tomahawks

Mini-sub for SEALs plagued by problems

Anzac frigates to return home

Russian navy squadron to sail to Indian Ocean

Submarine museum founder dies

Sighting raises fear of giant killer squid